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7 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Text Chemistry Relationship

You surely remember the first time you exchanged a word, touch or “Hello” with your special someone. With the initial excitement, your phone likely burned a hole through your pocket or bag from all those heart-racing rings and pings. However, maybe now the relationship is seasoned and contact withered to brief calls or built-in automated updates.

7 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Text Chemistry Relationship
Text messages are the discreet, and spiciest, solution to cooled chemistry. We are rarely in position to whisper sweet nothings into phones or log into email. But with texts, just a few taps can launch one simple word or picture to rekindle the fires.

  1. When You Text, You’re No Longer Dating Online.

Quickly move your relationship off the dating site and on to texts.

We know typing is more convenient than talking, so you might not care where that type appears so long as your love interest responds. However once an online relationship heats up, do not linger in the dating site like you’re still looking. You both should pause accounts and only send phone texts instead of messages in the platform, where competition awaits to take attention off you.

  1. Don’t Wait for Nightcaps.

Show your partner you’re ready for love, early and soon.

It’s no relationship without connection. Yet sometimes we struggle through fast-paced days of so many feeds, apps and distractions we forget our partners. Texts reach the screen your sweetheart is likely already focused on, so text that alert your hotline is open early in the day.

  1. Past Memories Ignite New Fantasies.

Text old pictures to remind your lover of all the romance you’ve shared.

There was no point to take countless photos as a new couple just to lock them away. Tap into that archive and text throwbacks to beginning times together. The nostalgia will reignite blissful sensations and fantasies to create new memories on.

  1. Emojis Are Out.

Your words are sexier than cartooned thoughts.

You may think shooting off emojis is cute and appreciated. But the message received on the other end could be “I don’t really have time for you.” Make efforts to compose your own creations, the steamier the better. If you want to lighten up your text chemistry than you need to change your texting habits

  1. You’re Not A Nuisance When It’s Naughty.

Your flame wants to hear from you, even when it’s not your voice.

Don’t worry you will wear down your mate’s battery or interrupt work with many texts. Calls are the inconvenient, bothersome option when people are busy or on the job. But texts just sit for the opportune time to view interest-piquing ideas of what’s to come later.

  1. Tease Attention.

Text hints you feel a little lonely or ignored and watch your significant other spring into action.

Feeling needed is a very powerful sensation and it activates another’s need to satisfy the person who desires their attention. Be prepared for an onslaught of more notifications, and more arousal, than you can handle once your mate turns the texting tables. This role reversal goes far to keep both of you on edge, wondering who will tease the other next.

  1. A Little Reverse Psychology Goes Further.

Questions open to conversations and conversations open to chemistry.

Close intimacy grows stale when couples take each other for granted. Instead of texting the object of your affections a typical “I love you,” text “How much do you love me?” These kinds of provocative questions beg for sensual, lusty answers.

The text conversation can last all day, until sparks fly all night, when you seduce each other with playful competition for the sexiest responses.

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