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9 Fun Gift Ideas for Couples

Sometimes it’s easier to buy one gift for a couple than to pick out two separate gifts for each individual. After all, they are probably just going to buy one gift for you and put both their names on it anyway.

Here are nine fun gift ideas for your favorite couples.

9 Fun Gift Ideas for Couples

1. A Romantic Picnic for Two

Buying an entire picnic might not be all that practical, but you can get your favorite couple off to a good start by gifting them a picnic backpack.

The Sunflora Backpack comes with four tableware sets, napkins, plastic wine glasses, plates, and a cutting board.

The food compartment has a detachable, waterproof pouch for ice. It even comes with a matching blanket to sit on. 

2. Some Cheese To Go With Their Wine

Chances are you know at least one couple who loves to entertain. Get them a fancy bamboo cheese board to hold all their party essentials.

The grooves on the side are perfect for crackers, olives, and nuts, while there is plenty of room in the center for their favorite cheeses.

Look for a model that comes with a hidden drawer for utensils to keep everything organized.

Hopefully, they’ll love the gift so much they’ll invite you to their next party.

3. A Worm With Their Name on It

Why hang out at a skeezy bar when you’ve already found the love of your life? Make it easy for your favorite couples to bring the fun of tequila shots to their living room with a tequila tasting kit.

These kits come with a cutting board and knife for lime wedges, shot glasses, salt plates, and some fancy salts to add a little variety to the experience.

The whole set packs up on a handy carrying tray. 

4. A Basket of Goodies

Forget the lame fruit baskets full of half-rotten bananas and boring apples.

Creative companies are offering gift baskets with products that range from coffee and chocolate to wine and junk food.

Whether your friends are into game night, beer, candy, or even surviving the zombie apocalypse there’s a gift basket out there that they’ll enjoy. 

5. The Gift of Themselves

Help your favorite couples celebrate their romance with a custom portrait.

It’s a great personalized gift that will hang on their wall for decades and might even become a family heirloom.

6. A Reason To Take a Bath

Get your favorite couple a matching set of bathrobes so they can enjoy a relaxing spa day or perhaps a little bathtime fun.

A luxurious bathrobe can make hanging out at the pool or lounging on the back deck a glorious experience. 

7. Date Night

The Darden dinner and movie gift card set includes a pair of gift cards.

One is for the over 2,200 restaurants in the Darden family and the other for movie tickets from Fandango. Dinner and a movie is a classic date night treat perfect for a first date or a night away from the kids. 

8. Dinner for Two

With many cookbooks centering around recipes for a family of four, it can be hard to come up with meals for two people.

The “One Pan, Two Plates” cookbook by Carla Snyder is packed with easy, one-pan recipes for two people that will cut down on prep time and avoid wasting food or getting stuck with leftovers for a week. 

9. Fun Underwear

Everybody needs underwear, so you might as well have some fun with it. Gift your favorite couples a set of matching underwear for a memorable holiday gift. 

Whether you’re shopping for mom and dad or your best pals, these fun couples’ gifts can brighten up the holiday.

The possibilities are endless. 

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