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7 Ways To Get Your Friends Outdoors

It can be difficult to get your friends to come and play in the sun.

Many of your friends probably prefer indoor activities, and it is your job to convince them to try something different.

There are several outdoor activities that many people appreciate, even those that don’t normally opt for this kind of activity. 

7 Ways To Get Your Friends Outdoors

You have probably tried to convince your friends with one or more incentives.

If it didn't work, here are some of the things you can do to get your friends outdoors for sure. These activities are simple, easy to learn, and not expensive. 

Suggest eating out. 

Yes, eating out is not economical, and here is a quick, perhaps fun fact about that.

Did you know that the cost of eating out increased by 9% last year, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics?

Asides from the rising cost, it is a sure way to get your friends to come out with you and probably won't happen every day. It is fun, and people like to eat things they don't usually get at home.

There's also a tourist kind of thrill to eating out.

If your friends love food, you are in luck, as convincing them will be easy.

Try gel balling.

If you are wondering what gel balling is, it is very similar to paintballing. And as you might have expected, gel balls replace paintballs in this case.

Gel balling is a relatively new and fun activity for you to partake in with your friends. Getting your friends to know that this is the reason you want them to go out might spike their interests.

There might be a little concern over how much gel balling hurts.

You can get custom gel blasters and you should know that while the pistol gel blasters don't have any significant effect and don't shoot far, the rifle gel blaster shoots harder and farther.

The effect of a gel shot from a rifle can be a welt on your skin that lasts for about a day.

Working out in the park

The success of this activity is based on the kind of friends you have. If they like to work out, then this is a great idea.

One of the most exciting ways to work out outside is by using body weights and doing it at parks.

They are usually filled with make-shift pull-up bars and dip bars, and you and your friends can have a really fun time outside.

Bodyweight exercises are intense and exhilarating, and the euphoria you and your friends will feel afterward is almost something to die for.

So if it's something you have never done before, you and your friends might want to give it a try.

Find common hobbies that involve going outside.

7 Ways To Get Your Friends Outdoors

This is a no-brainer. Hobbies are things that people like to do, and it should take little to no effort to get your friends outside using their hobbies as a point of interest.

For instance, photography is a very fun hobby, suited for a good time outdoors.

You can all dress up however you like for some great shots outside. An added perk is the great pictures you all will have for social media.

Skateboarding, electric scooter riding, etc., and many others are also great outdoor hobbies that you and your friends can get involved in. 

Window shopping

Window shopping is a cost-free way to spend time with friends. Although it might come off as goofing around. Sometimes that is what friends enjoy doing the most.

Window shopping offers you and your friends the opportunity to sightsee and catch up on several things together.

It might even spur some actual shopping as they might see something they really like. 

Participate in a Sport

Like working out at the gym. Finding a sport that your friends enjoy in common and agreeing to play is another way to get them out.

Although workouts can be made to be more engaging, sports generally come with teamwork naturally.

Soccer, basketball, and baseball are sports that can strengthen the bond with your friends. 

Concerts and festivals

Unlike parties, concerts and festivals are more about having a nice time.

Although the downside of concerts is that they are usually not free, they have a very bubbly atmosphere, and you and your friends can connect and have a good time.

Also, concerts and festivals always happen outdoors. 

Are there any other fun things you know will get your friends’ attention? Try to bring it up to convince them to go outside with you.

While it might seem fun to do, never be tempted to coax them into something they wouldn't like to engage in.

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