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6 Reasons Why Chiavare Makes The Perfect Gift

Chiavare’s mission is to make sexual health about health. Sexual health shouldn’t be x-rated. That’s why they created the best natural personal moisturizer & lubricant on the market. Chiavare, CEO and founder, Kaylyn Easton offers all-natural, holistic, vegan, and hypoallergenic ingredients. Each bringing a different benefit to vaginal skin in need. 
6 Reasons Why Chiavare's Personal Moisturizer & Lubricant Makes The Perfect Gift72

6 Reasons Why Chiavare Makes The Perfect Gift

Chiavare is the perfect Gift for Her in so many ways! The holidays are about giving gifts that make an impact and change lives. From helping women in menopause, those dealing with endometriosis, couples who are fighting for intimacy, and for sex after chemotherapy and cancer — Chiavare is doing just that, making an impact! Their six, all-natural ingredients are familiar and easy to pronounce. None of those big chemical names you don’t recognize. 
Chiavare can be used for:
  1. Personal Moisture – keep your lady parts supple and ready with daily use.
  2. With a Partner – maintains your body temperature. It is never sticky or slimy.
  3. Sexual Discomfort – Chiavare was created by a woman with stage four severe endometriosis. The pain, frustration, and sexual discomfort can be tough.
  4. Menopause – alleviates dryness and provides maximum hydration.
  5. Soothes irritated skin, itching, chaffin, burning, pain during sex, vaginal dryness
  6. Bath, Hair, and Skin Oil – multi-purposeful. Add several pumps of Chiavare to your bath, tame frizz, or use as a luxurious all-over skin moisturizer.

Chiavare’s Benefits

There are many benefits to using Chiavare. One of the benefits is that the Chiavare Personal Moisturizer & Lube is vegan and hypoallergenic. A second benefit is that it contains 6 all-natural ingredients: grapeseed oil, evening primrose oil, coconut oil, almond oil, vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil. A third benefit is the unmatched value. Their lasting formula goes a long way (approx. 4-6 months with regular use). For anyone that likes cruelty free products, then you can add this product to your list as Chiavare never tests on furry friends. This personal moisturizer & lube is great for sensitive skin as it is fragrance free, hormone free, and chemical free.

Chiavare is proud to make their products in the USA. Chiavare Personal Moisturizer & Lube comes in two sizes 3.5 oz. ($29.98) and 5 ml ($9.99).

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