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6 Christian Pieces Of Wisdom For Your Life

The Christian scriptures have several passages dedicated to living life wisely and in God’s protective care.

Religious communities like Woman of God focus on the Creator being a powerful inspirational source.

When you desire wisdom to help you overcome a challenging situation, listening to God’s words will help significantly.

In the Holy Bible, the gift of wisdom surpasses precious stones in terms of value.

Merely reading the text holds no meaning if not applied to your everyday life.

6 Christian Pieces Of Wisdom For Your Life

Comprehending and internalizing what the Good Lord preaches about wisdom contributes to these teachings enriching your very being.

Christian Life Lessons on Wisdom

When you enter into a meaningful relationship with Jesus, you benefit from His powerful wisdom.

Absorbing every mighty word that emanates from a Supreme Power acquaints you with the wisdom of God.

Keeping the latter as your starting point is what Christian believers like those associated with Woman of Godadvocate.

Acknowledging that Jesus determines your life’s journey and has treasures of true wisdom to impart shapes your perspective on life.

As your faith grows, God plants seeds of wisdom and establishes this virtuous trait within you.

The wisdom you receive from the Almighty is in its purest form and bears rewarding fruits.

Touching upon the six Christian jewels of wisdom below that build a sturdy foundation for your life:


The absence of conflict allows you to experience a peaceful existence. Jesus sacrificed His life to settle all differences and reward humanity with peace. His love for all humankind is far greater than you will ever realize.

When you choose to love even your enemies, peace is the outcome of that conscious decision. Praying for your persecutors is what Christianity encourages you to do so you can genuinely live in peace. 


Wisdom teaches you to be reasonably humble and willingly take corrective steps when required to do so. To admit your mistake without displaying pride demands a fair share of humility and reasoning ability.

Accepting correction in all humility is an indicator of being a genuine disciple of Christ.


A priceless fruit of the Christian spirit is gentleness, wherein you display the wisdom of treating others with a humane approach.

The compassion you shower on another is a reflection of your gentle heart. As a wise individual, you imbibe the quality to keep your emotions in check even while gently disagreeing with someone.


In your pursuit of wisdom, seek answers in all faithfulness. A doubting attitude does you no good as you only attract feelings of uncertainty. When you place your trust in God’s divine power, do so with faith.

6 Christian Pieces Of Wisdom For Your Life

You can weather every storm life throws at you by imbibing and acting upon the Lord’s wise teachings. Being faithful and obedient to His word ensures your stand does not waver even in the most trying circumstances. 

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Being merciful implies practicing good deeds for the service of others. Out of devotion for the Good Lord and reverence to His teachings, you inherit the wisdom to lead a merciful life. It is, after all, God’s Spirit abiding in you that reaches out to another by using you as the medium.


You are a true Christian disciple when you choose the honest path despite it being narrow. There is no better attitude you can adopt to express your love for Jesus Christ.

The wisdom to lead your life with complete honesty, knowing that God paves the way, reflects your love for Him.

Besides being your Creator, Jesus came to save you, and there is no greater truth than the eternal sacrifice He made on the cross.

Join a group of like-minded followers of the Christian faith and grow in holy wisdom.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.