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5 Sensory Boosting Crafts to Do at Home with an Autistic Child

Autistic Spectrum Disorder, simply known as autism, is a range of developmental conditions that negatively affect how a person perceives the world and even how he or she interacts with others. For children with autism, art and craft activities that engage their senses can go a long way in enhancing their attention span and self-expression.

Sensory crafts can also significantly lower their anxiety. If you have a child with autism and you want to buy a house, it is wise for you to consider homes for sale that have autism-friendly designs.

Furthermore, you should learn to engage your child in activities that can stimulate his or her senses. Below is a rundown of some sensory boosting crafts that you can do with an autistic child at home.

Coin Rubbing

This is one of the timeless classics that even grownups can enjoy. You just have to get a few different coins and place a peace paper over them. You can then show your child how to rub some colorful patterns on the paper using crayons. The child will surely enjoy making the patterns as he or she develops hand-eye coordination skills, perfect for a rainy day inside with your child. 

Sensory Bottles

This is quite a simple activity that can engage your child's senses and enable him or her to stay focused. Work with him or her to create a simple and eye-catching toy by simply filling a plastic bottle with a mixture of water, food coloring, and glitter. You can then drop a few marbles or buttons and seal the lid tightly.

Sensory bags 1

You can also work with your autistic child to create a toy using a freezer bag. You just have to fill the freezer bag with baby shampoo, glitter, small objects, shaving cream, and food coloring of your choice. You should then secure the lid closed to prevent the content from spilling onto your furniture.


Music is quite an effective sensory craft. Therefore, turning your next craft session into a music maker in an excellent decision. You can make use of readily available materials to create a DIY musical instrument for your child. Some materials that you can use in this regard include rubber bands, tin foil, hard pasta, beads, and even rice.

Story Telling

Storytelling is probably the oldest form of art and craft in all human societies. It is an integral component of the human experience. Telling children stories to your autistic child can help him or her to connect to the world. It can also enhance the child's language skills, creativity, curiosity, and even non-verbal communication.

The Takeaway

In a nutshell, it is apparent that in addition to showing affection to your autistic child, there are a number of sensory crafts that you can try to stimulate his or her senses and even improve his or her oratory, motor, and social skills. Furthermore, if you want to buy a home and you are browsing through houses for sale, it is imperative for you to consider the houses with designs that are suitable for children living with autism. Living in an autism-friendly home and engaging your autistic child in simple sensory crafts will go a long way in improving your child's quality of life.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.