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5 Pieces of Advice For the Female Solo Traveler

If you're the type of person who enjoys traveling more than anything else, no doubt you would enjoy taking any opportunity presented to you. If you're also a female, you may be wary of traveling alone, which can make things complicated as you may not always have someone available to take trips with. Have a look at the five tips below which can prove helpful when you decide to travel alone, making sure you stay safe and also make the most of your travels.

Use Rideshares Whenever Possible

When traveling, it's almost always better to use taxis or rideshares and public transportation as this can help you stay stress-free by taking the pressure of navigating off of you. Also, with about 30,000 different parts in the average car, you may be in a tight spot when something goes wrong with your car and you have to figure it out by yourself, more so for models you're not familiar with. Avoid all of this by using rideshares whenever possible and taking precautions, such as making sure the car that arrives is the same one as described on the ridesharing application.

Avoid Looking Lost

Nothing marks someone as an easy target as looking lost and confused does. Whenever you're out and about in a foreign place, act sure of yourself and don't exhibit signs of being a new person as this will invite unsavory attention. Walk steadily and act sure of yourself, avoiding looking around and walking with faltering steps. If you end up lost or in a situation you don't feel comfortable in, step into the nearest shop, boutique, or restaurant and check your phone for directions or even hail a ride. This will keep you out of the public's glare when you're vulnerable.

Save Emergency Numbers and Know How to Ask For Help

While traveling, you may end up in an emergency situation but be unable to effectively ask for help as you don't speak the local languages. Avoid this situation by saving emergency numbers on your phone immediately when you get to your destination. Find out how you can ask for assistance in the local language and you will be at an advantage if something happens. Also, save a nearby hospital and other emergency services on your maps and have their contacts on standby. With almost 52% of personal injury lawsuits caused by automobile accidents, it's clear to see the importance of avoiding certain situations while traveling so you minimize your risk.

Share Your Traveling Plans With Close People

Whenever you set out, let a few close friends and family know where you're going and your plans. This will give you peace of mind as you will know that in case of anything, a trusted party knows where you are at all times. This holds true for whether you're going a long way away or staying close by, as you never know what may happen. When you get to your destination, make it a habit to let the receptionist at your hotel know your plans so they can raise an alarm if, for instance, you're not back by the time you had said you would be back.

Drink and Have Fun Responsibly

Finally, a little bit of fun is allowed when you're traveling, but make sure to stay responsible while at it. If you go out by yourself or on a date, only take as much alcohol as you can handle, and never step away, leaving your drink unattended. Learn the alcohol limits of the place you're in so you can stay within the law. In a place like Maryland, for instance, DUI charges start at 0.08% blood alcohol content for adults aged 21 years and above.

You may have a lot of questions and reservations about traveling solo as a female, but you don't need to miss out. As long as you take the precautions above, you will be good to go!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.