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4 Phases of Buying Your First Home

Buying a home is one of the first steps toward financial independence, making it a pretty huge life decision. Of course, it is generally considered a good decision, but some apprehension going in is completely natural. The best way to tackle the home buying process and the subsequent moving process is through a methodical and organized approach. There's definitely a reason why 37% of adults have never left their hometown, but perhaps an even more compelling reason the remaining 63% have. Life's next great adventure awaits, and here are some tips on how to meet it with fervor.

  1. Restraint: Finding the home you love will take time. A realtor, sharing their thoughts on first-time movers, will show up to seven homes in a day to a given buyer. Any more than that, and they all seem to blend together. Don't get discouraged, though, and certainly don't settle for something you are unhappy with. A is a long-term investment as much as it is also a place to live.
  2. Patience: Congratulations, you found a home! Now what? Well, if you are excited to move in, that is more than understandable. The truth is, the paperwork process takes an average of four to 10 weeks depending on by your contract and the state you are moving in.
  3. Preparation: Getting prepared for the big move requires keen foresight into what you will need and when you will need it. Luckily, there are nearly endless guides for everything you need to move online. That said, here are a few pro-tips for things you will definitely need. Boxes can be sourced from many different places, but a great option is your local liquor store. They will have boxes of all sizes, and they will all be pretty sturdy since their former job was carrying heavy bottles of liquor. Another tip is to reserve a moving truck well in advance. You don't want to get to the day of your big move and find out the truck service is booked solid for the next week.
  4. Organization: In order to make life easier for yourself when you arrive at your first home, organization is an absolute must. Here's an excellent resource for packing with organization in mind. Two of the most important tips on there are to label everything, and not to be afraid of throwing things away. The latter is especially important if you like to hold on to things that you don't need. Obviously don't throw away stuff that you plan on using down the line, but moving to your own home is like having a completely fresh start. Don't let the cluttered mess up your new home too.

The moving process itself is a headache, but starting the path of home ownership is too exciting to let anything stop you. Need metal buildings to store your classic cars? On your property, you can build them. Want an English-style tea garden in the front yard? That's just a landscaping project away from reality. The freedom, financial stability, and privacy of your own home is an alluring prospect, and once the whole process is over and done with, you will be so glad you decided to buy your own home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.