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4 Best Tips For Sending Your Elementary School Kids Back To School

As summer vacation ends, elementary kids may get back-to-school jitters.

Indeed, changes that include new teachers and adjustments to a new curriculum can be stressful.

But when you organize your shopping with helpful back-to-school lists and planning, you’ll have everything that your child needs to feel confident and ready to tackle a new year.

Check out these four best tips for sending your elementary school kids back to school.

4 Best Tips For Sending Your Elementary School Kids Back To School

Shop Early for Back-to-School Clothing

It’s a good idea to purge your child’s closet a few weeks before school starts and decide what they can use in the upcoming year.

Kids outgrow shoes fast and you’ll probably need to replace more than one pair of school shoes depending on their activity level and the school’s dress code policies.

Keep in mind that some schools prohibit open-toed shoes for young kids, especially in PE class.

Usually, your kids will need:

  • Casual shoes
  • Dress shoes
  • Flip-flops, sandals or slip-on shoes
  • Sneakers

Get your child excited about going back to school with a shopping spree that they’ll love.

Make a list of the clothing items that they need such as back-to-school sneakers and trendy accessories.

Shopping for backpacks can also be a fun adventure for your kids when they visit athletic stores and websites that offer matching brands in school shoes. 

Get the List of Supplies Your Kids Will Need 

As soon as the back-to-school supply list is available from your kid’s school, start getting what your child will need for the new year.

If the list is longer than you anticipated, don’t stress over purchasing everything at once.

Instead, highlight the items that typically sell out quickly and get those items first, then stagger the remainder of the list to fit your weekly budget.

Your child will get excited in the weeks leading up to that first day of school as you mark off their back-to-school wish list.

4 Best Tips For Sending Your Elementary School Kids Back To School

Create a Back-to-School Routine

As the summer ends, the anticipation of going back to school kicks into high gear.

And while routines may not offer the spontaneous fun that a summer vacation involves, establishing a routine for your kids has lots of benefits. 

A back-to-school routine can:

  • Help reduce stress by keeping your child organized and mentally prepared.
  • Provide a structure that fosters independence and the development of self-care.

Consider what areas will benefit your family the most and set schedules accordingly.

Evening routines might include time set aside for homework and reading.

Then try implementing these changes at least a week before school starts so that your kids are familiar with the routine before the first day of school. 

Get Your Kids Involved

Two weeks before school starts, have your child make a list of what they would like in their lunch box.

Have them plan their lunch menu and supervise their selections with healthy choices.

You may want to allow your kids to plan their school day outfits as well and have them arrange their clothes the night before to save time in the morning.

Set up a place near the back door where backpacks can be placed for timely convenience. 

Ready for the New School Year

Consider these tips for planning your back-to-school shopping and organizing.

Meet with your kids’ teachers and visit the classrooms a few days before school begins so that your kids can get familiar with their new learning environment.

Send your kids back to school with the confidence they need to be their best.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.