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18 Autumn-Inspired Birthday Gifts You Should Know!

Autumn is the season of shades of orange, brown, and red, and all things bright and beautiful.

With the change of fashion, you want to be intentional and thoughtful in your selections for a birthday gift during autumn season.

We take a look at the various autumn-inspired gift options available that would be appropriate for men, women or kids.

The pick is yours.

Autumn-Inspired Gifts You Can Give to a Birthday Celebrant

In line with the season, leaves and pumpkin may feature quite a bit in whatever item you decide to get as a gift, at least states

1. Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

The weather can sometimes be harsh on the skin, and you need to cleanse your face, and body, of built-up toxins.

A pumpkin spice sugar scrub is an excellent product to achieve this, and with pumpkins being in season, the scent is likely to be well appreciated.

2. Fall Leaves Coasters

Coasters safeguard the wood on tables from staining and burning.

A set or two of coasters decorated with fall leaves not only goes with the season, but the bright colors are bound to bring good cheer.

3. Lego Pumpkin

Legos are a good gift for kids as it not only keeps them busy playing, but it also enhances their development and coordination skills.

Pumpkin branding would be a good addition in this season, and the bright orange color is a good distraction for them too.

4. Pumpkin Spice Soap

You can never get too much pumpkin anything in autumn.

Pumpkin spice soap is a good gift that gives out the wonderful aroma every time you wash your hands or take a shower.

And since pumpkin is the focus of the season, you are bound to attract positive energy with this scent.

5. Ice Cube Beer and Wine Cooler

With all the holidays during Autumn – September, October and November – there is a great deal of hosting going around.

From the return of Sunday Night Roasts to Thanksgiving to Halloween, an ice cube beer and wine cooler will come in very handy for these functions.

6. Pumpkin Pie Spice Scented Candles

Candles are generally said to calm us down; scented candles twice the more.

You spend more and more evenings being cozy in the comfort of your home.

Pumpkin pie spice scented candles are sure to calm the mood even more.

7. Throw Blanket

A throw blanket, possibly plaid to match the season colors, a blanket with a photo by your choice on it is an excellent addition to a polite evening by the fireplace reading a book.

8. Knit Wool Socks

Socks are a necessity in autumn, and you could never have too many.

A gift that sends the message “I want you to keep warm”, indicative of care and concern.

9. Shawl with Cape

A shawl with a cape would make a thoughtful gift for a lady in this season.

Accessorized well, it becomes a great asset in one’s wardrobe.

10. Knitted Ski Cap

The mornings tend to be crispy and chilly, and a knitted ski cap is sure to give that well-deserved warmth.

11. Cinnamon Spiced Tea

Soup and tea become great comforters during this season, and a range of variety is a pleasant addition.

Cinnamon spiced tea will take away the monotony of all things pumpkin, and still warm you up.

12. Fall Leaves Party Treat Bag

A considerable amount of hosting takes place during this season, and there are lots of goodies going around.

What better way than to make that process easier by gifting party treat bags for these little giveaways when guests are leaving your house and branded with fall leaves to give it some oomph.

13. Poncho

As autumn is the season for layering to keep warm and keep with the changing weather patterns, a poncho makes a right git for a lady (or girl).

It is not only thoughtful but very practical too

14. Warm and Fuzzy Crocs

The sun is now rising an hour later, giving you time to take a morning walk and listen to the leaves crunch under your feet.

Warm and fuzzy crocs are about the most comfortable footwear and recommended for those who stand for long hours too.

15. Cozy Fleece Booties

Getting beauty and functionality in one is a great plus.

With the weather getting chilly, cozy fleece booties will keep your feet warm all day.

And with more evenings spent indoors, they make a convenient gift.

16. Branded Hoodies

Some couples love the whole similar outfits strategy.

It is essential to know the person you are gifting, and if this is something they would embrace, not reject.

Customized printed hoodies are the best way to add a touch of individuality and excitement to the wardrobe. Find a design that matches your couple in terms of your style and preferences.

Luckily companies like PrinetBest, PrinterPix and SpreadShirt can help you as they will give you an opportunity to print on demand on your preferred clothing item and create your ideal gift.

You can get the same colored hoodies printed with a personalized message on them.

17. Fur Coat

Fur coats speak elegance and class.

As they are quite warm, they are not an all-year-round accessory, and autumn is a perfect time of year to wear them. So yes, be generous and gift one.

18. Fashionable Leather

In the just-ended summer, because of its capacity to stick to the skin in humidity, leather was avoided.

Autumn is the perfect season for all those leather outfits to be adorned, enjoyed and appreciated


Alternatively, if you’re not entirely sure what the recipient would prefer to receive as a gift, you would instead give a gift voucher that they can redeem upon their online purchase.

Voucher codes are discounts that you redeem when placing an order online.

You can encourage them to do their online shopping on AliExpress and redeem their online coupons.

Remember, a gift is something that will always remind them of you.

Make it count!

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