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“128 Days And Counting” – Honore Nolting’s Memoir That Deals With Cancer And So Much More

Cancer. It's one of the most dreaded diagnoses one can receive. And, when you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, all of the sudden your world can seem like it's shrunk and it's just you, your family, and cancer. That's why support from family, friends, and the health care system is so important. However, there can be other forms of support. And, one could be a book. Why a book? Well, besides the books that explain cancer and treatment, a book like a memoir could be supportive because it can help you to not feel alone. It may even help you understand some of what you and your family are going through. One such book I highly recommend is “128 Days and Counting: A 28-Year-Old Caregiver's Memoir,” by Honore Nolting.


This is a memoir created by Honore whose husband, Tom, is diagnosed with stage-three cancer. They are both young (Honore is 28 and Tom is 30) and in the prime of their life. Yet, when the cancer diagnosis comes through, their world comes to a halt. However, they find a way to deal with it in more ways than one. And, the manner in which they do so is eye-opening.

A Memoir That Is About Much More Than Just Cancer

However, in addition to how they deal with the cancer and its treatment, Honore also teaches the reader so many amazing things about life. There were various passages in her book that left me stunned.

I also truly loved the author's humor. It really made her relatable and made me wish I could hang out with her! And, it was admirable that she and her husband could have a sense of humor during such a difficult time.

Her and Tom's story will touch the reader in ways unexpected. I teared up even within the first 15 pages of the book (page 11 to be exact). So, when you read the book, prepare to laugh and prepare to cry. And, even if your life isn't affected by cancer, I think you'll still learn some very important lessons from Honore.

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and in Kindle version. The Kindle version is currently $8.99 and the paperback sells for $12.95 (prices subject to change).

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