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Zazen Bear: An Oasis of Peace in Manhattan

There are days when everyone needs to find some inner peace, and the Zazen Bear In Manhattan is the place to go and get your Zen and inner peace. They have so many things that if placed in the right place, in your home can bring your Zen and inner peace together and relax you.

At Zazen Bear, everyone and everything are connected and everything they have there is crafted to help evoke your sense of harmony, relaxation, and tranquility, When you wear it, touch it or use it to make your home look good.

There are carefully crafted the collection of products, and they range from anything from jewelry to home furnishings. A unique retail store that gives the customer an experience like no other. There are two floors of so many products, and they are all spread out over the two floors. Connected by an open staircase and a harmonious live-plant vertical garden, visitors are lead through the three interlocked circular rooms into a voyage of discovery and sensory exploration.


Like the Zaren Bear Ceramic Figure that placed where it can easily be seen throughout the day as a reminder to stop and breath. And if you have it where you can see it at all times of the day, you will find that much-needed peace. Zazen Bear wants to offer a 360° experience that creates a path from Zen to shopping by providing a sense of sanctuary and harmony that allows exploring through scent, texture and visuals.

And another great thing is the lower floor is dedicated to yoga and meditation, a place where all who are in search of their moment of quiet, but the best part is it can and used as a community center. A place where exhibits can be set up, events and screening are all done.

Italian architect, Pierpaolo Martiradonna, has selected all natural materials for the interiors: Pietra di Vals for the main floor, natural oil finished white oak for the yoga studio floor, hand painted white oak for all the custom millwork elements (including the curved walls) and 3 types of plants for the vertical garden that require minimum light exposure to survive but act as air filter purifying the entire store.

The Zaren Bear is the connection of harmony, the peace they offer all of the New Yorkers and anyone a space where they can find inner peace, there is a 6 episode video where they have captured the stories of common people. living their frenetic days but being reminded by Zazen Bear to stop, breath and relax.

To visit Zazen Bear:
497 Broome Street – New York, NY

And connect to the Zazen Bear Here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.