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With Summer Here Don’t Forget To Stock Up On BugBand Insect Repellent And Curoxen First Aid Ointment

Summer is here! And, with warmer weather comes a few potential issues. First, mosquitoes are out (along with the potential diseases they carry). Second, as people participate in more outdoor activities, they sometimes risk getting minor scrapes and cuts. So, it can be very helpful to have a few things on hand. For example, you may want to stock up on Curoxen First Aid Ointment and BugBand Wristbands and Towelettes.

Curoxen First Aid Ointment

According to the product’s website, Curoxen is an “all-natural, organic first aid ointment proven to be over 5X more effective at killing bacteria than any other product on the market today.” Honestly, that’s enough to convince me to choose this product!

BugBand 1

What’s also cool about Curoxen is that it contains no petroleum and no preservatives. The ingredients in the Original Curoxen are olive extract, calendula, oxygenated olive oil, and pure essential oil (lavender). Wow! I love it!

Curoxen also has a product called Curoxen with Arnica for Pain Relief. The ingredients in this product are arnica montana, calendula, olive extract, oxygenated olive oil, and pure essential oil (lavender).

According to the company, since both products do not contain antibiotics, they don’t contribute to antibiotic resistance. That’s a plus in my book.

You can use both products to help prevent infection and promote the healing of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. The one with arnica can also be used to relieve pain from minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. I’m definitely keeping this on hand for the next time I burn myself in the kitchen. I hate when I get those painful burns from cooking that keep on hurting.

And, the website says Curoxen is safe for all ages and pets. I would check with your doctor and veterinarian before using the Curoxen with Arnica on your children less than 2 years of age and on your pets—just to make sure it’s okay. You can purchase Curoxen here. Give it a try—I think Curoxen will impress you!

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BugBand Insect Repellent

As mentioned above, mosquitoes are another thing to deal with in the warmer weather. BugBand Wristbands and Towelettes can help you. Both are insect repellents that utilize geraniol instead of DEET. They repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums, and fleas. And, the BugBand Towelettes also repel ticks!.

BugBands 2

The BugBand Insect Repellent Bands come in regular and in glow-in-the-dark forms. Both are reusable for up to 120 hours (when utilized as directed). When not in use, you can put them back in the resealable plastic case they come in to prolong their use. And, you can use these while swimming.

The package does recommend not using them directly on a child under the age of 3 years.

The Bands come in the following colors: olive green, red, yellow, blue, pink, orange, purple, black, and glow-in-the-dark. I think the kids would get a kick out of the glow-in-the-dark BugBand.

BugBand 3

Glow-in-the-dark BugBand

The BugBand Towelettes contain the DEET-free repellent on a towelette that you wipe on the skin as directed. They smell good, are easy to use, and come in compact containers that you could easily pack and store in your pockets. As mentioned above, these towelettes help repel ticks, which makes them a great thing to take and use when exploring areas that are at risk for having ticks.

You can purchase BugBands at the website’s store here. These would be great to stock up on before heading out for a camping trip or for those summer evenings when you want to hang out in the outdoors! Using BugBand DEET-free repellent is a safer way to help keep those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs away (and prevent those annoying, itchy bites)!

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Please follow directions and precautions for both products to keep safe. I am not a medical expert. The information in this post is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information in this post is for general informational purposes only.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.