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Why Some Parents Are Electing To Use Formula Milk

Why Some Parents Are Electing To Use Formula Milk

How you feed your baby is a very personal choice. Some women opt for breastfeeding exclusively, while other moms go for both bottle and breast, and others decide or are forced due to health issues, to use formula milk exclusively.

To reiterate, this is one of the most personal choices you will ever make and whatever you choose, it is the right decision for you and your baby. If anyone questions your decision, at the end of the day it has nothing to do with them.

Keep reading to find out why some parents have elected to use formula milk.

You Know Exactly How Much Milk Your Baby Is Drinking

Using a bottle eliminates the guessing game of how much food your baby is consuming. You can keep a detailed schedule on his/her feeding. This will assist doctors if there are any problems with the baby’s weight gain or loss.

Mums And Dads Want To Do It As A Team

Some couples decide to use formula milk exclusively because they want to co-parent 50/50. Using formula allows dad to feed his baby equally to mum. This, in turn, helps him to bond with his child on a different level than he normally would.

Also, by using formula, parents have a chance to get more sleep. It has been noted that children that are bottle-fed tend to sleep for longer stretches of time which gives the parents much needed rest. This, in turn, can help with the relationship because well-rested people are calmer and have more patience.

Some Mums Just Don’t Want To Or Can’t

Some ladies simply do not produce enough milk to feed their baby. For some mums, the pregnancy and/or delivery is such a traumatic experience that she opts out of breastfeeding. And let’s all remember that it’s her decision to make and respect her decision. A baby being fed with formula milk is not dependent on his/her mother milk, therefore the mom can eat whatever she wants.

It’s Easier And More Convenient

Using formula is easier because anyone can feed the baby, from siblings to grandparents and friends. This allows for mum and dad to get some well-deserved rest, especially in the early stages after the birth when mum’s body is busy recuperating.

Also, using formula is much more convenient as you can feed your baby anytime and anywhere without the uncomfortableness of breastfeeding. When you are out and about in a public setting, you don’t have to seek out a private area to breastfeed or stress out about potentially offending someone who can’t cope with seeing such a natural process.

Going Back To Work Or If Mum Gets Ill

When mums go back to work, they don’t have to take breaks to pump or worry that the baby won’t allow someone else to feed them when using formula. This will help with the transition period of balancing being a new mum with work responsibilities. Also, Moms get ill too and sometimes they have to take medication that is not good for the baby. If you bottle feed, you don’t have to worry about this.

There’s Always Enough

By feeding your baby formula, the food supply is not reliant on mum. The pressure and stress of milk production are taken away and new mums can be sure that there is always enough food for the little one. Formula milk is usually fortified with iron and vitamin D, whereas doctors sometimes suggest supplementation for breastfed babies.

Mother Knows Best

Unfortunately, some people think that they can judge others for their parenting choices, but only you can decide what is going to be best for you and the needs of your baby while keeping an eye on your relationship with your husband. If you are unsure if this is the route you want to go, speak to your doctor and speak to mums that have chosen formula milk.

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