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Why Reishi Mushroom Is Called The Elixir Of Immortality

For those who haven’t heard of the reishi mushroom, it’s a fungus that grows mostly in Asian countries that have hot and humid climates.

For scientists, the reishi mushroom is known as the Ganoderma lucidum.

But for the medical doctors of ancient China, it’s simply the “Elixir of Mortality” that’s packed with a lot of health benefits.

Although experts are not sure of the exact date of its discovery, they are certain that this rare mushroom was used widely by Chinese communities specifically for medicinal purposes.

There are existing detailed texts about the reishi mushroom and the vital part that it played in ancient Chinese medicine.

In the modern world, the reishi mushroom still finds itself in the shelves of regular households.

Why Reishi Mushroom Is Called The Elixir Of Immortality

It only goes to show how much this rare fungus can be beneficial to one’s health. But what exactly are these benefits?

Read on to see how it can improve your health!

Strengthens your immune system

When the global pandemic caught most of us off-guard, we certainly learned our lesson.

Since then, we’ve become health conscious (at some point, paranoid) just to keep our body in tip top shape.

But aside from the Covid-19, there are still foreign threats to our immune system like bacteria, toxins, allergens and other viruses which can cause diseases.

Fortunately, the reishi mushroom has immunity boosting capabilities.

It can provide balance to our immune system, to keep our bodies from getting sick.

Reishi mushroom intake can also help you sleep peacefully every night. And as you know, a good and tranquil sleep can help the body recover faster.

It’s also discovered that this wonder mushroom has antiviral properties to help strengthen the body’s immunity even more.

May help prevent cancer

One of the many capabilities of reishi mushroom is that it can help with the regeneration of white blood cells.

White blood cells are known to be vital in stopping the growth and multiplication of deadly cancer cells.

In 2004, a Shanghai centre conducted a study wherein they gathered data from 4100 breast cancer patients.

Their study revealed that 59% of the survivors ingested reishi mushroom supplements.

With this data, there’s no denying that this superfood could possibly hold the key to the treatment of cancer.

In addition, there was a separate study conducted in 2004 where 58 medicinal mushrooms were put to the test to see which fungus is more effective in preventing cancer from developing.

Guess which superfood made a huge impression in that study. You’re right, reishi mushroom.

There’s no doubt that the reishi mushroom holds a lot of health benefits.

It’s on par with the chaga mushroom and the maitake mushroom which are equally worth trying.

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Can increase your longevity

Keep in mind that the ancient Chinese experts dubbed the reishi mushroom as the “Elixir of Immortality.”

Why Reishi Mushroom Is Called The Elixir Of Immortality

And it’s not just for show, or just for nothing. Many people can attest to how this mushroom can extend their lives longer.

But make no mistake. There’s no magic or some alchemy involved in this superfood.

It’s already scientifically proven that the reishi mushroom is packed with high levels of polysaccharide and antioxidants that can eliminate free radicals in the body.

These free radicals are responsible for speeding up the aging process, damage in the cells, and in some cases, even cancer.

So it’s only right to flush them out of the body.

Certainly, the reishi mushroom is not your ordinary mushroom. And it’s not your ordinary superfood either.

It holds a ton of nutrients that can be beneficial to your body, and are definitely worth a try.

Especially in this era when we need to be healthy now more than ever.

If you’ve tried superfoods before, but not the reishi mushroom, it’s never too late.

Go straight to your local grocery store and fill your shelf with these wonder mushrooms!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.