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Why Hire A Car To See Los Angeles & Other Iconic Sites In California

Why Hire A Car To See Los Angeles & Other Iconic Sites In California

Getting off a plane in Los Angeles can bring a bit of culture shock to anyone traveling from the other side of the United States to those coming from another country.

It's a unique wonderland all of its own, and its residents reference the state as a car culture.

The best way to see everything is by rental car (leiebil Los Angeles), one of the favored cities in the lovely western state.

But what type of car should you consider for your travels as you'll see many wandering the roads in everything from an SUV to a sedan to the optimum convertible.

That will significantly depend on the places you hope to see and the amount you'll spend on travels.

If coming in from another country, it's wise to factor in your comfortability with maneuvering an unfamiliar area and roadways in the vehicle, so you'll want something that you feel relatively comfortable with driving.

The terrain in California can prove to be quite diverse compared to the rest of the country.

Los Angeles at rush hour can be a nightmare with traffic jams which have come to be known as “epic,” but with proper planning, you can maneuver your travels past these annoyances and enjoy the sights you've come for without any disruption.

Let's look at a few things you might want to do with your hired car of choice.

Why Hire A Car To See Los Angeles & Other Iconic Sites In California

Road Trip Thru Los Angeles & More Iconic Sites In California With Your Rental Car

A car rental is an ideal way for tourists visiting California to see one of the favored cities, Los Angeles and other popular sites throughout the state.

Whichever areas you're more prone to want to see, you should research those specific areas to see things like weather conditions, the terrain in the area, and site specifics.

Doing so can help you decide on a category of vehicle for your trek. Some things to keep in mind when choosing the ideal car:

● Comfortability

When many tourists travel away from their every day, they want to try different experiences, and that includes the car they choose for a rental.

Try this link for comparisons on using your own car vs. driving a rented auto. 

It's very tempting when going to southern California and the surrounding areas within the state to want to enjoy the breeze with a luxurious convertible or experience the rocky terrain of Death Valley in a rough and tumble SUV.

The thing to remember when leaving the airport, you will emerge into Los Angeles to a vast expanse of roadway jam-packed with experienced Californians behind the wheel maneuvering the maze of freeways and following the flow of traffic expertly.

On the freeway in Orange County, where the interstates 405 and 5 merge, you'll find the widest part to offer 26 lanes of traffic.

To manipulate your way through this chaos, you might want to choose a vehicle that you feel comfortable and familiar with handling safely instead of just looking to cruise through the valley in a hot-looking car.

The other drivers will be none too kind to a motorist coming in unprepared to follow the pattern without disruption, so it's wise to attempt to familiarize somewhat with what to expect on the varied highways, speeds, patterns, road signs, etc.

Why Hire A Car To See Los Angeles & Other Iconic Sites In California

● When will you visit

Generally, you won't find specific season changes in California necessarily. It's the sunny state with moderate temperatures year-round.

In the winters, particular areas will see a bit of snow, like mountainous regions, including the southern part of the Cascade Range and the Sierra Nevadas.

If you want to access those specific areas at that particular time of the year, you will need a vehicle with the proper snow equipment.

The “National Park Service” does require those coming to Yosemite to have cables or chains in what are “controlled” spots, whether in a rental car or even an automobile with four-wheel drive.

Based on the conditions, these precautions can be necessary as soon as September or even as late in the year as May.

Regardless if you choose to visit in the winter, that doesn't necessarily mean you want to rent the largest SUV you can find.

These might prove challenging to navigate through typical traffic on the freeway when you're not in these mountain areas.

● Activities, Destinations, and Terrain

There is such a diverse terrain throughout California, and even with Los Angeles from desert, mountain, beaches, valleys, it's challenging to know which vehicle you precisely need for your specific excursions.

With a trip like this, if you're taking a road trip in a rental car, it becomes necessary to create an itinerary of what you will do from day to day to help you select the ideal automobile perfect for each scenario.

You might not be able to engage in each activity on your first trip, but with the right choice, you'll be able to do most.

Make sure to ask the rental agent for advice.

These trusted experts would be able to guide you in the right direction for a vehicle that will handle virtually any situation, plus provide the comfortability that a newcomer to the area will need.

Why Hire A Car To See Los Angeles & Other Iconic Sites In California

● Destinations most people can't miss.

Everyone in the rented car will have a suggestion on a destination throughout California. Still, Los Angeles has among the top 10 most favored hot spots in Disneyland, which everyone wants to check out.

You'll find this just outside the city of Anaheim. It's a definite must-see.

Of course, again, people worldwide come to visit the state and national parks more than any others around the globe.

Yosemite, with its majestic granite mountains, and you'll find the most giant trees on the planet in the Redwood Forest.

Many enjoy exhilarating rock climbing with the Joshua Tree.

You don't need to have a specific attraction in mind for your road trip, though.

Plenty of historic and scenic view freeways make the excursion just as exciting as any standard destination.

You can enjoy an extended tour along the coast if you travel through Route 101 from Los Angeles, moving towards San Francisco to check out the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sonoma and Napa Valleys will give you a sampling of the wines that California is so famous for, but only if you're not the one driving.

Final Thought

Wherever you travel in the world, especially when going via a car, it's essential to remember the wildlife in the area.

California is the home to a vast array of wildlife, especially black bears.

These creatures are famous for opening an autos door to grab a bit of food from empty vehicles in one of the many parks.

That can sound scary to people who consider visiting from other areas, but as rangers can attest, these animals only want your food.

There has never been an occasion where a bear has killed a human.

For anyone who leaves their car to go on a hike or exploring, it's suggested that you lock the doors and keep trash, food, and other things with an odor in sealed containers and out of sight.

In addition, a car driving through these areas is a danger to these animals living in their habitat, including mountain lions, coyotes, bears, and other species.

When navigating through these areas, pay close attention to the roadway and surrounding areas to avoid harming these creatures.

When booking your car rental ahead of time, you also want to book your lodging a few months (at least five) before your planned trip.

Many people come between the months of December to April to watch the migration of the gray whales traveling from Baja to Northern California.

There are nearly 20,000 whales that make this trek each year, and the accommodations fill up so people can enjoy this experience.

And, of course, summers are jam-packed with tourists. Some places will have limitations in the summer on how early they will accept reservations, but make an attempt so you can get the dates for which you're hoping.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.