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Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

An Elf Bar may taste harsh due to several factors. It could be high PG or not enough liquid being vaporized.

A sore throat can ruin your vaping experience and make it difficult to continue. No matter if you're a newbie or a seasoned vaper, the harshness of vaping can catch some people off guard.

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This side effect is quite common, but there's a simple solution.

Your Elf Bar could be too harsh due to a variety of issues. Some of the most common issues include excessive nicotine content in your pre-filled e-liquid, a low ratio of PG and VG, a high-voltage vape, or blocked airflow. You can also try nicotine salts.

Drinking water is also a good idea. You may simply have a dry mouth and dry throat.

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Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

Why does my Elf Bar taste burnt?

If your vape's heating system is not working properly or is dry, the elf bars can taste burned.

Whatever vape device you use will contain a heating element and a wicking mechanism. The heating element heats the e-liquid.

It soaks the wicking system to ensure the temperature is high enough for the liquid to evaporate. Taking a bite causes you to inhale this.

As you can see, e-liquid won't vaporize once the wicking system has dried out. The heating element heats and burns the cotton, resulting in a bitter taste and a bad vaping experience.

These are some things you should do before purchasing a new vape.

  1. After getting the burnt taste, you can leave your elf bars alone to allow the wicking to be re-saturated by the e-liquid. You run the risk that the wicking system will be completely burned, and this can lead to a permanently bitter taste.
  2. Flip your vape pod upside-down to allow the e-liquid to penetrate the cotton. Wait a while for the cotton to absorb the e-liquid. Then, you can check if there is still a burnt taste.
  3. You can leave your vape open for a while if you still get a burnt taste. This will allow the wick system's cotton to absorb more liquid.

If you get a burnt taste following these tips, it is a sign to go for a new elf bar.

Why does My Elf Bar Taste Strange?

You might experience a bitter taste or a strong smell when you inhale the fruity scent you expected. You may be wondering why this happens. There may be a problem with the cotton-wicking mechanism of your vape.

No matter what vape device choice, your vape pod will contain a heating element in the form of coils and a wicking system made from cotton. The wicking system becomes burnt when the vape is vaporized.

These tips will help you get a pleasant vape experience.

  1. To allow the e-liquid to saturate your wicking system fully, stop vaping. You should stop vaping if you don't. Otherwise, the cotton may be completely burned through. This could result in a weird taste for the rest of the pod.
  1. To help the cotton soak faster, turn the vape pod upside down. This will saturate any remaining e-liquid.

If you still have a strange taste or nothing seems to work, your elf bars have likely run out of e-liquid. It's time for a new one. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.