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Why Diamonds Are Considered As A Symbol Of Love?

All over the globe, diamonds are thought of as the stone of love. Here’s why.

There are many fine earth minerals that are said to represent love. Rose quartz, for example, is said to be linked to the heart chakra, while the deep red of ruby is often associated with the deep reds of love hearts.

The truth is, though, that there is only one rare gemstone that is capable of being the center of your loving affection. The diamond is – and always has been – the best gemstone to represent your everlasting love.

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on why this beautiful rarity has so long been associated with wedded bliss.

Why Diamonds Are Considered As A Symbol Of Love?

Why are Diamonds A Symbol of Love?

There are several different reasons why a diamond is considered to be a loving stone. We reviewed some favorites, below. Don’t forget that there’s a wholesale diamond dealer in Dallas if you need one.

The Eternity of a Diamond

Diamonds are eternal. They don’t break, they don’t get smaller, they aren’t worn away like a piece of quartz on a shoreline.

Once created, a diamond doesn’t go anywhere. It’s equivalent to nature’s plastic except far less abundant.

Eventually, it will turn to graphite, but you have anything up to billions of years before that happens.

Once given as a gesture of love and affection, a diamond truly does last forever. This is the perfect metaphor for a relationship where two people stand before God and swear undying love for one another.

The eternity that comes with a diamond is what makes it the true symbol of love, but it’s not the only reason.

Diamonds are Priceless

Well, not always, but a diamond’s value should not be ignored in the love equation.

When someone buys you a diamond engagement ring, they are telling you that they find you worthy of wearing it.

They trust you to carry this valuable asset around with you and to think of them while you do so.

The value of the diamond is the ultimate expression of how highly you value your relationship.

If you want to spend your life with someone, confess your love, and start a family, a ruby or a rose quartz just doesn’t have the same energy.

Why Diamonds Are Considered As A Symbol Of Love?

They are Unbreakable

This is a slight misnomer because diamonds can be broken by using other diamonds to do so.

They are the hardest substance on the Mohs hardness scale, making them as near to indestructible as it’s possible to naturally get. There is one exception, a material called Q-Carbon.

As of the time of writing, scientists haven’t been able to prove that it is harder than diamonds, although it is assumed to be 60% harder… but we are missing the point.

This is a gemstone that your beloved will have until her/his/their grave. This is symbolic of the same love you share, which is until death parts you.

Obviously, the aim is to leave it to the kids, but it might end up buried with you. You never know.

Diamonds are the Ultimate Expression of Love

Formed deep under the earth’s crust under immense pressure and harder than any other substance on earth, why wouldn’t you associate diamonds with marriage and love?

The two sound exceedingly similar indeed.

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