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Where Do You Stand On Artificial Lawns?

An interesting trend that has been emerging in garden design of late is the use of artificial grass by companies like Grono in place of live grass lawns. In the past, you may have thought artificial grass would really only be used in places like recreation centres or golf courses, or maybe those new build show-home estates, but not considered it as something someone might want for their garden. Artificial Grass for Eastbourne residents isn't impossible either.

However, thanks to the technology making these fake lawns look as good as the real thing, people are beginning to rethink their position and embracing the benefits fake lawns have to offer.

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 But what are these benefits, and are they enough to persuade you that fake grass is better than the real thing?


Artificial lawns are far more practical for the whole of their life cycle than live ones. Shaping and laying them is easy (though this does need to be done by a professional as it isn’t as simple as rolling out a rug!), and gives an instant, beautiful look. There is no mowing, weeding, fertilizing or trimming of edges to do, and you won’t end up with big divots missing where your kids or pets play. The lawn stays green no matter how much sunlight there is, so all year round you will have a lush green lawn, even in parts of the garden where grass won’t grow or in hot sunlight that usually reduces grass to straw.

These practical benefits can be especially important for people with second homes who aren’t on site often enough to maintain a lawn properly, or for people who aren’t physically able to mow the lawn. However, no matter what your situation, being free of spending every Sunday in summer mowing the grass is still a real plus!

Environmental Benefits

Another reason why artificial grass is becoming popular is that many people believe it to be more eco-friendly. It certainly saves on water, without any need for hoses or sprinklers to keep it looking great, and because it is not real, you don’t need to use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, either.

Good for Kids and Pets

Artificial grass can also be much better if you have kids or pets who play on the lawn a lot – both for them and for how your garden looks. It is much easier to clean up pet mess from artificial grass, and pets won’t be able to dig up portions of your lawn. The fake grass also doesn’t release allergens, meaning it is healthier for them in pollen season (and also for you if you have hay fever). With a surface that is soft even in dry weather, it is a really comfortable place to play, run around on, and practice sports, all without damaging how the garden looks!

With all of these benefits over real grass, the only thing you might find yourself missing is that cut grass smell! Artificial grass is really catching on, and with lawns that last up to 20 years with barely any maintenance, you can see why.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.