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What You Need To Know About Eating Mushrooms

What You Need To Know About Eating Mushrooms

What is it about mushrooms that make you tick? Is it because you want to stay in shape, gain vitamin D, or achieve a stronger immune system? Whatever your reasons are, you can find all these in mushrooms. In the recent past, mushrooms have hit popular tabloids describing the benefits associated with eating them. But did you know that eating some types of mushrooms can send you to a hospital’s emergency section? Well, there are some toxic types of mushrooms out there that are not good for you! 

So before you go picking just any type, you better stick around and pay close attention to the lines below. Here’s what you need to know about eating mushrooms.

1. Storing Mushrooms

What You Need To Know About Eating Mushrooms

One thing to note is that mushrooms are packed with some of the most essential nutrients you need for healthy living. However, all this will depend on how you store your mushroom. When stored right, mushrooms will remain fresh and nutritious. In addition to this, it will also help to prevent them from getting slimy. Among the things you can do to ensure that mushrooms stay longer and fresh include storing them in a refrigerator, drying them, and rewrapping them in a shrink wrap. Mushrooms are hard vegetables and can stay up to a week when packed and stored right. This will help to ensure that they stay fresh and packed with their original nutrients.

2. Nutritional Value

For those who have for the longest time thought that mushrooms have no nutritional value, well, you might as well be glad you found this article. While they may lack the greenish appealing factor, mushrooms are packed with, as earlier mentioned, essential nutrients that support healthy living. They are a powerhouse for vitamins D, B, and are also low on calories and fats. In addition to this, they are also a great source of fiber, meaning that your bowels will also benefit from such a diet. The common mushrooms you find in various supermarkets are also packed with selenium and potassium. These include varieties such as yellow oyster mushrooms, Maitake and Shiitake varieties, and gray mushrooms. However, you’ll need to be extra cautious when picking wild mushrooms. This is because not every mushroom you find in the wild will be good for your health. 

Some are as toxic as they can get! Among other reasons why you need to start eating mushrooms include:

  • You’ll gain stronger bones
  • Stronger immune system
  • It will be easier to manage diabetes
  • Mushrooms can support your weight loss efforts

3. Salt ‘Em When Brown!

What You Need To Know About Eating Mushrooms

Unlike other foods that may require salting before they are cooked right, mushrooms are a bit different. Salting mushrooms when it’s too soon will only draw out the moisture inside them making them look overly cooked and in addition to this, it will make it harder for you to achieve that crispy golden brown color you’ve seen in most cooking shows. To achieve this, only, and only when you’ve seared them are you to salt your mushrooms.

4. Wash Them Sparingly

While it might seem like you’re doing yourself a favor by soaking your mushrooms and washing them like no one else’s business, you’ll only be introducing more moisture in them. The thing is unless they are wild mushrooms you picked this afternoon, fresh mushrooms from the store are already clean when you get them. And if you’re to clean them, only do it sparingly. Excess moisture is a great enemy of mushrooms. And perhaps this is the reason you’ll see them avoid growing in wet areas and instead, prefer growing on tree barks.

5. Learn The Types Of Mushrooms

What You Need To Know About Eating Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the little guys that will add value to your diet in more ways than you can imagine. But before introducing them in your life, it’s important that you learn of the mushroom variations that exist. This way, it will be easier for you, even when picking wild mushrooms, to pick them right. 

Below are some mushroom staples you’ll need to know about:

  • Cremini Mushrooms – These also go by the name baby portobellos! They are ideal when making omelets, sauces, and salads.
  • Enoki – They say that big things come packaged small and this couldn’t be any truer about this mushroom variety. They are common among favorite Asian delicacies and to identify them, they have smaller umbrellas than your usual mushrooms.
  • Oyster Mushroom – As the name suggests, they have an oyster like appeal and have a slightly sweeter taste in them. This is perhaps the reason why Italians like them!

Now, if you’re a food enthusiast – (who isn’t?) – Mushrooms can be a great addition to your recipe. But before you indulge yourself in any mushroom diet, you must consider the above pointers. This way, you’ll know how to pick them right and what you can gain from them. Bon appetit!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.