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What To Pay Attention To When Buying Equipment For Making Ice?

One of the most important parameters to consider before buying an ice maker is the power it will operate with.

Most of these devices work in the range of 90-150 W. The higher the indicator, the greater the efficiency, so it must be selected according to the required amount of the required ice.

However, it should be noted that some other characteristics also affect ice production.

When buying ice manufacturing equipment, pay attention to the performance of the device.

Capacity is determined by exactly how much ice is produced per hour. The productivity of ice generators varies.

The volume is measured in liters and determines the amount of water that can be turned into ice cubes in one cycle. The volume of the tank is different. Filling the tank with water can be done manually, some models can be connected to a water supply source.

You have complete control over how much water turns into ice.

What To Pay Attention To When Buying Equipment For Making Ice?

How does ice manufacturing equipment work?

An ice maker is a simple mechanism that changes the state of water. After connecting to the power source and filling the tank with the required amount of water, the device cools and freezes the water to the state of ice.

While this is happening, water is collected in special forms from which cubes are made.

After the end of the cooling process, the reverse process takes place – heating. This allows the cube to pop out of the mold and into the funnel to receive the ice.

How does ice become transparent?

When making crystal ice cubes, the problem is not in the process of freezing water, but in its preliminary preparation. Therefore, it is advisable to boil the water twice before using it in the ice maker.

Air is removed from the water, thanks to which the cube becomes completely transparent. Interestingly, this type of ice is also colder. Ice cubes are indispensable in drinks, cocktails, juices, and even coffee, which can be served with ice.

It will not only cool your drink but also refresh you on a hot day. Add ice to your home freezer using specially designed molds or small ice bags.

However, a much cheaper solution is to buy ice manufacturing equipment. These professional devices make up to 200 kilograms of ice per day.

Also, it is an important part of the equipment for the kitchens of hotels, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, popular among customers of the food industry. Also, refrigerators with built-in ice makers are gaining more and more popularity.

If this option does not meet your expectations, buy fully functional ice manufacturing equipment. If there is space in the kitchen, such appliances can be purchased in built-in form.

Small home ice makers may require a direct water connection, but most have removable tanks. From the ice of such a device, very tasty drinks and alcoholic drinks made in a glass mixer will come out.

Which ice manufacturing equipment to choose?

Once you know where the ice maker will be used, choose between a residential or commercial model. Professional ice manufacturing equipment is not cheap, so choose wisely.

It’s worth calculating how much ice you need to meet your current needs so you don’t fall behind when that extra demand peaks. Experts suggest that the daily need for ice corresponds to 1/3 of the capacity of commercial ice-making equipment.

Connecting the unit to the water supply system will save you a lot of time and save time on the maintenance of the ice maker.

Therefore, large catering establishments often use this opportunity.

However, with Bfteech you can get quality equipment that can make the amount of ice you need at an affordable price from a leading manufacturer. Just add water and press the ice maker button, wait for ready ice that you can use for your needs.

Small models of ice generators

In the small kitchens of small apartments, there is no place for large machines, so the best solution would be to purchase a mini ice maker.

At Bfteech, you can buy both larger ice makers and smaller units that make a smaller volume of ice in a given amount of time.

Such models are ideal for home or office use. However, such devices can supply a limited amount of ice per hour.

Home ice makers – what are the key factors to consider before buying?

Home ice generators are in great demand. Ice makers are increasingly common in households. This device will come in handy not only in the hot summer months but especially during family holidays and various social events.

Home ice makers are often found in refrigerators (built-in options), but these days these devices are increasingly being purchased as stand-alone appliances.

It is important to find out in advance which model of ice maker is suitable for your home and to meet your current needs in the amount of ice you need. Home ice makers effectively turn water into ice. In addition, this high-quality device makes ice much faster than a regular freezer.

The ice maker is ideal for family gatherings and gatherings with friends, for example, for a barbecue. Such equipment ensures the constant filling of ice.

This is necessary in the cases described above, namely for the preparation of various delicious drinks and cool lemonades. Ice cubes are also great for storing drinks and alcohol in containers.

This ensures that the drinks we prepare are at the right temperature and have a unique taste.

What To Pay Attention To When Buying Equipment For Making Ice?

How does an ice maker work?

Getting ice from an ice maker is much more convenient and faster than the traditional ice bag method.

Anyone who has organized a home party at least once knows that the long process of obtaining ice can be annoying. First, make sure your device is plugged in.

Then pour water into a special container and turn on the ice maker. Do not forget to select the option of making ice. When the home ice maker is running, it automatically pumps water into the tank. After ten minutes, we can enjoy ready-made ice cubes.

Most models of ice generators on the market indicate with a special sound signal that the ice is ready for use.

There are two types of home ice makers: refrigerated and freestanding. A built-in ice maker is an excellent solution for a small kitchen, which significantly saves space.

Note that some ice makers are built into the refrigerator door. This usually limits food storage space. Therefore, a built-in ice maker is the best solution.

Before buying, you should pay attention to several important parameters. Probably, many people say that the most important thing is the price, but it is worth paying attention to the dimensions of the equipment.

Larger models are great for catering, while smaller units work well at home. In addition, the compact ice maker can be moved freely, so it does not interfere with exits to the terrace or garden during various events.

Most models on the market produce ice cubes of standard weight sizes, so before buying it is worth specifying the size of the selected model and the amount of ice that this model can produce in a certain period.

Another very important issue is the speed of the device. Small ice makers can make cubes in as little as 10 minutes, but every machine works differently and some models take longer.

The last parameter is the power source of the device. Home ice makers typically use about 200 watts, while those used in restaurants use more electricity.

Homemade devices for making ice are especially useful in the summer. An ice maker is useful for making homemade cocktails, such as fruit smoothies, which taste better fresh and chilled.

Buying this device is a relatively large capital investment, so before buying, you should read the reviews and choose a model that 100% meets your expectations.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.