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What to Know About Nannying Children

Being a nanny is something that calls for qualities like patience and the ability to handle stress positively. While different families will have varying details for the way they want their children to be taken care of, there are some basic matters that are the same for almost every family. Some of these things are outlined below. Have a look at them to get more familiar with what may be expected of you as a nanny, and you may find your first weeks more manageable.

It’s a Good Idea to Have Some Safety Training

First off, you need to get some safety training if you can before you start your job as a nanny. That’s because there are generally many accidents and injuries that could happen in a home at any given time. This is more so the case when there are active children in the house who are sure to be active. In fact, parents of school children are advised to aim for three hours of one type of activity or another, according to b4Adventure.

While skipping and jumping and generally just being children, cuts, and scrapes may ensue. You’ll have a much better time, as will the child if you know the steps to take to provide relief to the child and keep them safe. You should also be able to act fast in case of issues like choking and more.

Proper Nutrition Is Important

Growing children need proper food to ensure that they develop the right way. To this end, you need to know how to prepare clean, healthy meals that are age-appropriate for any child left under your care. Remember to always find out from the parents if their children have any special health requirements. This way, you may be able to come up with meal plans if the parents haven’t already done so.

If you face any issues with meals and the children in your care, don’t hesitate to communicate with the parents. They should also keep you in the loop about plans they have that may disrupt meals, such as kitchen upgrades. This is a valid concern when you consider the fact that 95% of homeowners thinking of renovating say that this year, their top priority is kitchen countertops.

Good Communication Is a Must

Proper communication cannot be ignored when taking care of children. To this end, you need to learn how to articulate thoughts, questions, and concerns clearly and respectfully to parents. This can help make things a lot easier for you. Find out the emergency numbers you need to have and also make sure you have the contacts of one or both parents whenever they leave the house.

Routine Can Help Make Things Easier

Finally, routine is an amazing tool when taking care of children. This is because the familiarity of routines helps a child feel safe, and so they’re likely to be happier in your care. When a child knows what activity follows another one, they’ll typically look forward to it and not put up resistance. For instance, when they know that they have to take a bath after school, eat a snack, and do their homework, you can prepare in advance for these things so they work seamlessly.

These are some of the things you should keep in mind as a nanny. Over time, you can keep up with other activities if the schedule is accommodating. One of these things is furthering your education, to which you could expose the kids in your care if they’re curious. If you take a construction course, for instance, you could share with them interesting facts such as that twice as much concrete is used in construction globally than all other building materials. These include aluminum, plastic, steel, and wood, according to the Cement Association of Canada.

If you’re considering nannying, keep these things in mind. They can help make the process much easier for you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.