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What To Do About A Clogged Drain

The drains in your sinks aren’t something you likely give much thought to.

You run water or pour liquids down the sink and they drain – it’s that simple.

So, what happens when suddenly those liquids start to pool up in the sink and either drain incredibly slowly or not at all? Now you’ve got a problem that needs immediate attention.

A clogged drain is likely the culprit, but approaching it in the right manner will be important.

What To Do About A Clogged Drain

Here’s a look at what you can do about a clogged drain.

A Simple Plunger Can be the Best Tool

If you’re dealing with a typical clogged drain, a plunger is likely going to be the best tool to use.

People are used to grabbing them to clear clogged toilets, but having a separate one that can be used on your kitchen drains is also a good idea.

Use it in the same way you would when plunging a toilet – you want to use steady movements to hopefully dislodge whatever is clogging the drain.

Next Step – the Plumber’s Snake

If you’ve used the plunger and had no luck, it may be time to step things up and use a plumber’s snake.

This is nothing more than a cable that is flexible and can be fed down the drain. The concept is simple – you want to remove the clog.

Be Careful About Pouring Chemicals Down the Drain

Perhaps you’re familiar with the many products that can be poured down the drain to remove clogs.

While these can work and can do a good job, you also need to be careful about the product you are using and how you are using it.

These are extremely strong chemicals so you’ll need proper ventilation, eye protection, and hand protection.

Keep in mind that chemicals can be quite damaging to the pipes, as well as the environment, so they really shouldn’t be your first choice in terms of solutions.

What To Do About A Clogged Drain

Schedule a Drain Cleaning

Sometimes, even with all your best efforts, it just won’t be enough to clear the drains.

At that point, your best bet would be to hire a professional to come in and conduct a proper drain cleaning.

The last thing you want to do is make the situation worse, and without the right tools, products, and experience, that is exactly what you may be doing.

Not only will the professionals safely remove the clog, but they will ensure that the water is flowing and draining properly before they leave.

Homeowners can count on professionals like this plumber Paramus NJ.

You’ll also find that many plumbers out there are available 24/7 as they understand that emergencies don’t just happen during regular work hours.

By using these tips and steps, you’ll be able to successfully clear out the clog so that water can freely flow and drain once again.

Moving forward, make sure you are careful not to let any large debris wash down the drain, and give it a good cleaning once a week with natural products like vinegar or baking soda.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.