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What to Consider When Improving Your Curb Appeal

Regardless of whether you’re selling your property in the near future, the curb appeal of your home is crucial. Not only does it give potential buyers and visitors a great first impression, but it provides you with a beautiful house to return to after a long, busy day. Improving your curb appeal is so much more than merely planting some new flowers and hoping for the best. Below, we explore the features you need to consider when setting out on this key task.

Doors & Windows

The windows and doors of your property say a lot about it. After looking at the same exterior daily, you can be forgiven for becoming a bit blind to the flaws of these critical features, but that doesn’t mean passers-by will be. If your windows look dirty, grimy, the paint is peeling or otherwise damaged, this can tell visitors and potential buyers that you don’t care about the exterior of your home. What’s more, cracked windows or gaps within window frames can leak heat out of your home, affecting your energy bills and energy consumption. Likewise, tired, worn doors can suggest to visitors that the interior will be the same. That’s why, when trying to improve curb appeal, you should focus on these areas. It’s not only the doors and windows which face the street, either. Take the time to refresh all around your property, including doors to the garden. Brand new patio double doors, or dubbeldörr eller pardörr as they say in Sweden, can create a beautiful view out into the garden that you, visitors, and home viewers will love.


Often, landscaping is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of improving your home’s curb appeal, and for good reason. A house that has a patchy lawn, a front yard full of weeds and dead shrubs and a path that needs weeding can put a lot of people off entering. It’s not very pleasant for you to come home to, either. The word landscaping, however, does conjure images of elaborate water features, raised flower beds, immaculate lawn, and a vast array of bright, beautiful bouquets. This doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, landscaping can take any form you wish. Landscaping your front yard may include repaving the path to your front door and cutting back any shrubs. There’s a range of landscaping options you can complete on a budget, too. For example, you can opt for cheap plants that need a bit more TLC to thrive, rather than more expensive plants that are already flowering.  

Car Parking/Garage

If you’re lucky enough to have a driveway for your car, this is another feature that can affect your curb appeal. A driveway that features cracks, potholes, and other unsightly flaws can suggest to visitors and potential buyers that a lack of care is taken in this area of the property. Additionally, a poorly maintained driveway may not drain water away properly after rainfall, which can damage the structural integrity. Therefore, it’s worthwhile taking care of this feature, and not only will your curb appeal increase, but you will reduce the risks of having to pay for any costly repairs.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.