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What Do You Wear To A Boho Wedding As A Guest?

Are you attending a Bohemian wedding and don’t have anything in your closet that fits what is considered “Boho style”?

Do not worry, because below we will give you the keys to this exotic fashion style and what are the best clothes and accessories with which you can attend as a guest at a Bohemian wedding without going out of protocol.

Let’s start!

What Do You Wear To A Boho Wedding As A Guest?

What is a Bohemian wedding?

The first thing we are going to define before getting into the subject is the concept of the Bohemian wedding because there are many people who when they hear it do not know exactly what it means and it is always good to have an idea in case the day comes when you have to attend as a guest at one.

A Bohemian wedding is an unconventional ceremony in which both the bride and groom and their guests are dressed in an exotic way, where romanticism and the elements of nature are very present in the styling of all those present.

Some people describe this type of wedding as if they were authentic fairy tales, since natural elements such as wildflowers, furs, lush greens and vaporous, textured and cottony fabrics reign in them.

Key elements of Bohemian Style

Those who also call themselves “true bohemians” will always prefer to buy their clothes at second-hand flea markets and outlets rather than going to the big brand stores to buy them brand new.

The Boho style is an advocate of environmentalism and is totally against the abuses that are committed in industrial factories in the manufacture of clothing and the pollution generated by the whole process.

Re-branded and loose-fitting clothing

If you want to go to a Boho wedding dressed like a real Bohemian girl, take a walk through a thrift store or a flea market that you have nearby and look for a wide chiffon dress with bright colours, green and orange are the most used in this style, and combine them with some fine leather sandals (also second hand, of course).

Lots of layers

Another hallmark of this fashion style is the layers, the more the better.

You can try wearing a wide denim skirt with many layers and embroidered textures on top or a dress full of bangs with printed flowers and vaporous texture, and then put on top a leather jacket or another denim in another colour.

Don’t be afraid of looking tacky, because Boho Chic is like that and doesn’t have to make sense or be “pretty or elegant”.

It’s about layering clothes that create a casual and fresh effect, the bohemian style is rebellious and natural.

Cares for the environment

The Boho Style is a clear defender of the environment so you can not wear synthetic fibres such as nylon or latex.

Always look for clothes made with ecological materials, such as linen, cotton or jute.

Being Bohemian is being eco-friendly, so your Boho wedding look should be ecological and respectful of the world around you. Don’t forget.

What Do You Wear To A Boho Wedding As A Guest?

XXL accessories and jewelry

One of the key elements of the Bohemian style is to wear oversized accessories and if possible, handmade ones.

The Bohemian look is characterized by wearing all kinds of free-form accessories without them having to follow any pattern: brooches, embroidered shawls, feathers, body hats, natural stone rings, wooden earrings, etc.

If you want to complete your Bohemian wedding look and attract attention, don’t hesitate to wear a nice choker around your neck.

You could try some ceramic and leather pieces made entirely by hand or with natural crystals, they give a natural air and the shine that the stones have is really beautiful.

These kinds of complete handmade pieces are perfect for a Boho wedding guest, they will make you look beautiful as well as chic.

These are the key steps with which you can go as a guest to your next Bohemian wedding and go dressed with a beautiful boho chic look that will make

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.