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What Do You Need When You Take Your Family Bowling?

Spending high-quality family time might be one of the most demanding things you get to do these days.

You must be wondering why.

Kids are not so much interested in spending time out of their rooms and doing the things that their old parents like to do.

However, screens will be rapidly replaced with something as interesting as bowling.

This sport is probably one of the best ways to spend joyful time with your family and wake up their sporty spirit.

Just as with any other sport, there is some equipment you will need when going to the bowling salon, and here are a couple of things you should count on. 

Bowling Shoes

We all know that for bowling, we will need bowling balls and bowling shoes for the top-tier experience.

But have you ever wondered why we need to wear those shoes?

There are two reasons for wearing these shoes – safety and performance.

Since the surface in all the bowling lanes is flat, debris-free, and moderately slick, normal shoes will stick to the floor, causing you injuries, and because of the built-up momentum, you would be instantly stopped.

This sort of accident can cause serious injuries such as sprained ankles, backs, or wrists.

Also, bowling shoes are specially designed and come with special soles, one for sliding and the other for braking.

There are many other interesting things about bowling shoes that you can find out at Bowling for Beginners and see that bowling is not just a bowling alley and pins.

It is an extremely exciting and complex sport that you will certainly enjoy playing. 

Wrist Guards 

The wrist-supporting devices and bands will prevent the hand you are using for bowling from tilting or even collapsing before you deliver the bowling ball.

Truth be told, our wrists are quite sensitive joints, and bowling balls are quite heavy.

To deliver the ball painlessly, you need a well-developed technique, and it will take some time.

Having in mind that the wrists of your children are even more sensitive than your own, putting on wrist guards is a must.

The main purpose of these bands is to limit or completely reduce the movement of the wrist and, hence, contribute to the stability of your bowling head and make even more consistent throws.


The powder is used solely for technical reasons.

Since holding a bowling ball involves a whole variety of movements, such as swinging, holding, and releasing the ball, some professional players started using powder as one of the means to reduce the moisture on their palms and even improve the surface drip.

Most of the powders are acceptable, but the most commonly used one is baby powder. 

Microfiber Cloth 

A huge number of bowling players have to wipe the ball after every throw.

So when you plan on spending your weekend with the family playing some bowling, make sure to bring with you the cloth you will use for whipping the balls.

One part of this ritual is psychological, and the other part is related to the routine.

However, there are also some minor benefits to this routine as well. By wiping the ball, you will release it from the oil that has collected on its track.

The ball picks up these oils while going down the lane toward the pins.

These accumulated oils can also reduce the friction between the ball and the lane, causing it to slide instead of spin. 

All of the Different Sorts of Braces

Since bowling has a routine and repetitive nature, it can be very damaging to the joints.

This is the reason why professional athletes are persistent in wearing ankle, wrist, and elbow braces.

These braces not only hold the joint in place but also reduce the shock and pain caused by the action of swinging and throwing a ball.

When visiting a bowling alley with your kids, you need to make sure that their joints, especially their ankles and elbows, are properly secured so that you can avoid serious injuries. 

Finger Tapes 

It is essential to bring finger tape to the bowling room.

The friction caused when you throw the ball down the lane can sometimes lead to injuries and scars.

Wearing finger tape will significantly protect your fingers from cuts and other awkward injuries that can be extremely painful.

Professional players also claim that they score better while wearing the tape since it improves their grip on the ball. What can be really important for your kids is the fact that their finger joints will be in place all the time. 

We all know what the main principle of bowling is and how it is done.

However, you might suppose that you will not need any equipment for casual competitions with your family.

Yet, the previously mentioned items will keep you on the safe side and will bring you more joy while playing.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.