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What Are The Best Ways To Manage Anxiety

What Are The Best Ways To Manage Anxiety

Everyone feels a little anxious sometimes. Whether you are taking a test or preparing for a speech, experiencing anxiety is completely normal. However, when this anxiety becomes excessive and creeps into your daily life, it could be a sign of an anxiety disorder.

Let’s look at some ways to manage anxiety-

A balanced, healthy lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle is key for good mental health. With a fast-paced life, we often forget to prioritize sleep. A good night’s sleep doesn’t just benefit you physically but also rests your mind. On the other hand, sleeping more than necessary can have an equally adverse effect on your health. So finding the balance is crucial for a peaceful mind.

Other lifestyle changes you need to incorporate are diet related. Choose fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other nutritious food that will keep you full for longer rather than carb-heavy junk.

Exercise is another way to manage anxiety. Regular exercise has a positive impact on your mental health and boosts your overall mood.

Take time to relax

With an endless to-do list, taking time out to do nothing but relax is harder than you think. For a healthy mind, you have to take time to relax. You can participate in relaxation activities such as yoga and deep-breathing to relieve your mind of anxiety and stress.

Know your triggers

You cannot find a solution if you don’t know the problem. Try and understand what triggers or amplifies your anxieties. You have to explore your thoughts and feelings to truly understand what’s making you anxious.

Dissecting your feeling is easier said than done. Writing a journal is a great way to tap into your feelings and find the source of your anxieties.

Break from screens

Whether at work or at home, we are constantly glued to our desktops, tablets, and phones. And most of us are guilty of spending an ungodly amount of time mindlessly scrolling.

For the sake of your mind, you have to break away from the toxicity of social media. No doubt social media is a great way to connect and share with the world, but it seriously affects your mental health. We often forget that we are subconsciously consuming so much negativity through these platforms.  

So it’s okay to not post every day, it’s okay to turn off notifications and it’s definitely okay to delete social media apps for a while.

Try alternative treatments

If the above-stated methods are not helping, you can try out alternative treatments to manage anxiety.

Aromatherapy involves smelling plant oils that have a soothing effect and help ease anxiety. Lavender is the most popular essential oil. It helps with sleep issues and promotes calmness.

While consuming alcohol or marijuana is discouraged to avoid triggering anxiety, CBD oil might be helpful. CBD is a component of cannabis that does not make you “high”. Certain studies have shown that CBD oils have the potential to reduce stress and anxiety. It is readily available without a prescription in many healthcare stores.

Seek professional help

If anxiety makes you feel out of control and helpless, then there is no harm in consulting a professional. All the above steps will certainly help you manage your anxiety, but if the feeling is extreme then you should seek professional treatments.

Professional treatments for anxiety include talk therapy (or psychotherapy), medications and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Anxiety has the ability to make your everyday life difficult. Hopefully, these ways will help you have better control over your anxieties. It is important to remember that anxiety might be a part of your life but your life doesn’t have to revolve around it. With the right methods and treatments, you will be able to live a full, content life.

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