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Wedding Tips | Bridesmaid Dresses: Don’t Make This Mistakes

Bridesmaid dresses are one of the essential elements to be considered during weddings.

However, choosing the bridesmaid’s dress can be very difficult, especially if you do not know what style or color matches your wedding theme.

That is why; it is recommended that you should first determine the factors that you take into consideration before making any purchase.

Here are some of the tips for brides who want to buy their own bridesmaid’s dress:

Wedding Tips | Bridesmaid Dresses: Don't Make This Mistakes

As you begin planning the event, there are a few mistakes that bridesmaids often make:

#1: Choosing Outfits That Are Too Similar to the Bride’s Dress

 If your best friend is wearing a floor-length white ball gown and you’re wearing a strapless knee-length sky blue dress, then people might think that you two got married together.

To avoid this, keep your dresses different from each other and separate from the bride’s dress.

Try choosing styles such as halter top dresses (like those sported by pop singer Beyonce at her sister Solange’s wedding) or going for a romper instead of a skirt and top outfit.

#2: Not Taking Your Style into Account

If you have a personal style, then, by all means, choose a dress that reflects who you are. You don’t want to get stuck with a frilly number just because it’s what your BFF picked out for you!

Try to find a dress that compliments your body type and make sure its color is flattering on your skin tone.

Also, remember to consider the size of the wedding party and the location of the ceremony before making a final decision on a bridesmaids’ gown.

#3: Not Discussing What Everyone Wants to Wear

This seems like common sense, but some bridesmaids wait until too late in the process or avoid having this conversation altogether.

It might seem more manageable if everyone puts on the same dress, but your friends should be free to choose their styles too.

If you’re worried about the cost of customized dresses, check out websites like Cicinia, which offers custom party dresses at affordable prices.

 #4: Wearing Outlandish Outfits to Dressy Occasions

 Why would anyone wear a pink prom dress with ruffles and tulle to a fancy restaurant wedding?

It’s essential that bridesmaids avoid wearing inappropriate clothing because it reflects poorly on them and the bride.

Also, remember that specific colors go better with others, so it never hurts to ask someone else at the wedding party for advice before making a final decision on what to wear.

#5: Not Knowing the Dress Code

The dress code for weddings is usually formal, so you should look to wear dresses that are knee-length or longer.

Anything shorter will look out of place and might even be considered offensive by some guests.

If you have any questions about wearing a particular outfit to an event, try calling the bride’s family before making a final dress selection.

Wedding Tips | Bridesmaid Dresses: Don't Make This Mistakes

 #6: Wearing Too Much Makeup

This one seems like it would go without saying, but some bridesmaids tend to pile on the way too much makeup just because they’re getting glammed up for one day.

Makeup can enhance your features but remember that less is more when achieving a natural beauty look.

#7: Wearing Poorly Fitting Bridesmaids’ Dresses

You should make sure that the bridesmaid dress you wear fits like it was made especially for your body type.

It’s hard to wear an ill-fitting dress without feeling self-conscious, so use bra inserts if necessary and have a seamstress on hand to do alterations if they are needed.

#8: Wearing the Same Outfit as Someone Else

Even if you’re not at the same wedding party, this mistake can still come back to haunt you when people think that you went together with another bridesmaid.

To avoid this issue, try making sure everyone wears different colors or head out shopping together if need be!

#9: Don’t make your bridesmaids wear dresses that are too tight or too short

You shouldn’t choose a dress that your maids have to squeeze into or are constantly pulling down because, again, they’re being photographed together with you, so it’s better if everyone looks presentable.

If the dress is too tight, it will make them look fat, and if the dress is too short, it will reveal too much skin (and might even cause them to trip).

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