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Wedding Planning – Tips for Choosing the Right DJ

There are various DJ options to choosing from when planning your wedding. The DJ will be responsible for ensuring that a wedding playlist flows and provides the perfect musical backdrop for this special day. The following are tips for ensuring that your wedding music meets all your requirements.

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Creating a Playlist

It is important to note that this is an essential service that you are paying for. As the client, the DJ should be aware of the type of music that you want to hear during your wedding. If there are certain songs that should not be included in your playlist, the DJ should be informed in advance.

  • DJs need to be fully aware of your requests in order for them to carry out their job effectively. Providing specific details about the wedding playlist will create a seamless flow of music.
  • A DJ who specializes in weddings is usually aware of how to structure a playlist. If you have other ideas, you can create a structure or program according to your wedding program. Hire a DJ whose playlist will be appropriate for the occasion.
  • The DJ can provide you with a sample that lets you know what type of music will be played. Before booking a DJ, it is advisable to discuss the songs and make a choice regarding the most suitable playlist.
  • Defined categories are important for making sure that the right music is played at the right time. The music will vary according to each category such as the actual wedding ceremony and what will be played during the reception.
  • Some DJs take requests while others do not, depending on what the client prefers. Brides and grooms are at liberty to determine how flexible the DJ’s playlist can be.

Timely Playlist

The earlier the DJ has your preferred playlist, the better prepared he will be. This is why it is important to ensure that you provide your DJ with a selection as soon as you can during the wedding planning process. A music DJ needs to be able to collect the music required in time for your big day. Your song selections should be ready within ample time before the wedding date.

Alternative to Live Bands

DJs are a worthwhile alternative to live bands as they are usually more cost effective and require less space. A good DJ will create a memorable experience for the guests by being interactive and keeping them entertained throughout the event.

Quality Services

An important consideration when hiring a DJ is quality. Since the DJ will be responsible for entertainment and setting the mood as well as pace of the event, you need someone who is dependable, highly recommended, well equipped and professional. These factors guarantee a high-quality performance that your wedding guests will remember for years to come.


DJ services are available to cater for a range of requirements and budgets. From DJs with minimal equipment to larger sound systems, there is something for everyone and every party. A DJ who performs at functions has gathered adequate experience from performing at various receptions and venues. References and recommendations from previous clients are a good way of finding out more about the DJ’s services.


Allan Moore is a professional well known Dj who has worked with an entertainment agency for more than 5 years. He is also a great writer who has written a number of articles in the entertainment niche. Visit his website here and find out more about music DJ services.

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Victor Knight Insurance

Monday 12th of September 2016

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Monday 6th of June 2016

HI, I love to read about music and the dj services . The quality music and the beats which a dj select in any event and the party really matters a lot.and it must be according to the taste of the audience.

Tobias Armstrong

Thursday 12th of May 2016

I really like the idea of checking references for a wedding DJ. It makes sense that you'd want to find someone that has the experience to make it successful, and talking to people who have used them before is a great way to make sure you're finding the right one. Thanks for the awesome advice - my sister is trying to pick a DJ right now, so I'm going to pass this onto her.

DJ Borhan

Sunday 8th of May 2016

All the write up is very informative . The tips are really very helpful for my because now a days i am in search of hiring a best dj services for my sisters wedding day. your tips helps me to decide the best possible available option.

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