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Ways To Keep Yourself Occupied On A Long Train Journey

At this time of year, many of us travel up and down the country to be with our families. Some might drive, some might go by plane, but if neither of those options is to your taste, the train could be ideal. If you’re traveling by train and it’s going to be a long journey, how can you keep yourself occupied for the entire trip? Here are some great ideas.

Ways To Keep Yourself Occupied On A Long Train Journey

Coloring In

Coloring is a wonderful distraction. It’s therapeutic, puts your mind into neutral mode, allows you to really relax, and it’s fun too! Pretend you’re six years old again and buy yourself a coloring book (they do adult ones so you don’t have to have a kids’ one if you don’t want one, although they’re pretty cool too) and some pens or crayons and once your journey has started settle yourself down to some calming coloring. You can try some different techniques such as shading, or use colors that wouldn’t normally be expected, just to try something new. Or change the image entirely and make it your own. It’s down to you, so enjoy!

Online Games

Thanks to modern technology, you can play all sorts of online games on your smartphone or tablet. They can range from adventure games to hidden objects games to games in which you have to grow your own villages and worlds. You can even try new no deposit casino games if the mood strikes. There is so much choice that you’ll never run out of ideas to try and games to play no matter how long the train journey happens to be.

Read A Book

We’re busy. We’re all busy. So, when was the last time you sat down with a good book and really enjoyed reading it? We’re not talking a quick 10 minutes snatched here and there; we mean a solid few hours reading an intriguing story that you can really get into. The train is the ideal time to do just that. Go to your local library and pick a couple of paperbacks that look interesting, or pop along to an independent bookstore and ask for some advice about what you might enjoy. Then indulge in some reading time and get lost in the story.

Write A Story

Following on from the reading idea, you could even try your hand at writing a short story – or the beginning of a novel. If you’ve no inspiration, just look around you. A story about the passengers on a train worked well for Agatha Christie, and you might find that there are some fascinating people and situations going on all around you and that they are ideal for your work of fiction. You can work on a laptop, but if there’s not enough room then go the old school route and use a notebook and pen. Or you can type it all out on your smartphone if you prefer – just make sure you’ve got enough battery to get it all down!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.