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Want To Go Back In Time To Meet Da Vinci?

STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, is a big thing in many schools. Or, you may have heard of STEAM, which adds art to the acronym. The big thing in the schools around me are “STEM” projects. These projects challenge children to create a project that meets various requirements. Such STEM projects stimulate children’s minds and encourage them to explore science, technology, engineering, and math.  But, what else is there (besides these required school projects) to help encourage interest in STEM? There are actually some really cool books by the author Robin Stevens Payes, who has written “Edge of Yesterday” and “Da Vinci’s Way.”

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I have been told by educators that they are trying to encourage STEM so that children can learn about and hopefully pursue a career in one of the STEM fields. Despite the wonderful efforts of schools and other organizations, Robin Payes has noticed the following: “While encouraging interest in STEM is important, what they (the various organizations) are missing is the need to teach a growth mindset that will enable lifelong learning, instill purpose and teach the kind of grit that powers through life’s setbacks.” So, what has Payes done? Actually, some pretty incredible things. She has created her EDGE OF YESTERDAY company, website, book series, and more.

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So Many Cool Things To Check Out About Da Vinci And More

Let me start off by saying the EDGE OF YESTERDAY website is amazing. There are many subjects and areas of interest to click on. I tried it out and within minutes I found such fascinating information that made me want to just keep on exploring (I loved the information about “8 Quarantined Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit”).

Now, onto the books by Robin Payes: “Edge of Yesterday” (book 1) and “Da Vinci’s Way” (book 2). These books feature a 13-year-old girl named Charley Morton, who is kind of geeky but sweet. One of the people she most admires is Leonardo Da Vinci.  And, for her science project she wants to create a time machine so she can go back in time to meet her idol. A time machine is a daring endeavor for a science project, but admirable just the same.

Both books follow Charley on her endeavor. So, you’ll have to read both books to see what ends up happening. They are enjoyable books. Charley is a very likable character and one that you’ll enjoy following. I love that she is portrayed as intelligent, daring, and really quite the model for an amazing student. What student would take on such a project as creating a time machine?

Payes’ books did inspire me to research Da Vinci and his accomplishments. He was actually quite fascinating and demonstrated quite a bit of knowledge that was way beyond his time, somewhat like Charley!

When And Where You Can Get Payes’ Books

You can pick up your copy of “Edge of Yesterday,” which is currently available on Amazon.  “Da Vinci’s Way” will be released in October 2018. So, you’ll have to wait a bit on that one (but it is around the corner).

For now, pick up your copy of “Edge of Yesterday.” Payes’ books are really an amazing way for children to get excited about STEM/STEAM. And, while you’re waiting to get your book, check out the Edge of Yesterday website—it’s an amazing source of cool, educational, and inspiring information.

Connect with Robin Stevens Payes:

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