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VIDA – Fusion Of Art And Function For A Beautiful Product

Unique and beautiful gifts are difficult to find. This is especially true with so many products being mass-produced today. And, this is why I'd like to introduce you to VIDA. VIDA is a company that utilizes a very interesting operating model in order to provide its customers with a beautiful array of artistic and functional products. The company goes out into the world, builds relationships with creative artists and utilizes their work to produce an end result that is the creative fusion of art and product. VIDA has created a marketplace filled with a variety of products that are functional and fashionable and that display beautiful artistic talent.

VIDA's designers include sculptors, 3D artists, calligraphers, textile designers, photographers, painters, and sketch artists. So, the designers create the art and VIDA takes care of the production and business side of things. The result? True art created by people with a passion for design transformed into items that we can purchase and use, including clothing, household items, jewelry, accessories, and more. They work with 100k+ designers from over 150 countries, so you're sure to find something that appeals to your taste.

VIDA Provides Quality, Function, And Beauty


The product I received from VIDA is a beautiful scarf titled “High Note.” The designer is Sharon Ferina, a very talented artist who uses lots of vibrant colors and makes beautiful pieces reflecting nature.  According to the website, the scarf is made of “100% Modal – Modal is a luxuriously soft botanic silk fabric made of beechwood. It's botanic origin makes it eco-friendly and its fineness is comparable to that of natural silk.”  It truly is beautiful and so soft and luxurious.  And, with so many colors in the scarf, you could easily match it with many other pieces of clothing.  The “High Note” scarf sells for $45.00 on their website.


I highly suggest you take a look at what VIDA has to offer.  It is such an interesting store with many beautiful items. And, the story and uniqueness of each item makes their products so special.

And, by supporting VIDA, you can help them continue to make the world a better place. How? The company provides their factory workers with literacy programs so they can gain an education. I love it when companies give back to their communities.  It makes the world a better place to live in.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.