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Using Statement Plants to Brighten up Your Garden

If you garden is looking a little tired, a bit mono-colored, it may be time to invest in some bright flowering plants or trees. Usually, you will only need to add one or two to totally transform the look and feel of your garden.

There are thousands of plants that you could use for this purpose. But, the ones that produce big, bold flowers are the ones that will produce an instant transformation. Here are few examples of what I am talking about.

Using Statement Plants to Brighten up Your Garden


You can source some truly stunning Magnolia Trees from The Tree Center and other nurseries. Their glossy leaves and big, brightly colored flowers mean that they look stunning.

They are extremely versatile plants too. Most people leave them to grow naturally as trees. However, they can just as easily be used to create a hedge or living screen. Plus, Magnolia topiary is becoming very popular once again.

Unfortunately, not everyone will have the right conditions to be able to cultivate these beautiful plants. They will only really thrive in slightly acidic soil, which is loose and drains well. Plus, too much cold kills them as does too much direct sunlight. However, if you are lucky enough to have the right growing conditions for them they are a wonderful way to add a splash of color to your garden.

Beautiful maple trees

Most people like maple trees. The leaves are interesting and they come in a range of different hues. Plus, they, typically, go through a range of colors as the season’s pass. They make wonderful centerpieces for any garden.

Flowering maples

However, if you really want to make an impression flowering maples varieties is an excellent idea. You get the same beautiful color morphing leaves but can also enjoy several weeks of stunning, large flowers. The strange thing is that these are not trees. They are in fact plants with maple-shaped leaves. There are many different varieties available. Some only grow to about 18 inches while others can reach heights of 10 feet. So, it is important to do your research before buying them.

Stunning fruit trees

If you love the sight of a blossoming fruit tree, why not plant one in your garden. They look wonderful and add a touch of color at a time when most other plants are still only in bud. There are many varieties available. You can find out about some of them here and see what exactly what the flowers will look like.

Of course, the nice thing about these trees is that you can also enjoy the fruit. If you are not that worried about whether you actually get any fruit or not, it is worth considering buying an ornamental fruit tree instead. These have been bred primarily to produce spectacular floral displays. Varieties like the cherry Snow Fountain are spectacular. However, they only produce small cherries. You can eat them, but because they are not very sweet most people choose not to.

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