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Types of Diamond cuts, shapes and sizes

The saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Although I agree with it, men have also grown to love diamonds too. We have seen the evolution of diamonds from centuries ago.

The popularity of different cuts, shapes and sizes have changed rapidly over the years. Just like fashion trends and changing trends in the jewelry sector, the cut of a diamond affects the sale and quality of it. In order to better understand this dynamic, let us delve into the world of diamonds.

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  1. The round cut diamond

This is the most popular diamond shape. It represents nearly seventy five percent of all diamonds sold in the past decade. The shape of this diamond makes it popular because it is superior and fancier due to its ability to properly reflect light and having maximum brightness.

  1. The oval diamond

The oval cut diamond is more of a preferred taste. The mark of a professional cut oval diamond is the symmetry of the cut, which is that the two sides of the diamond must be almost identical if not exactly identical.

  1. The Pear shaped diamond

If professionally cut, a pear shaped diamond should possess almost perfect or near perfect symmetry. The starting point should line up with the apex of the rounded end. The upper and lower curves on the right and left side of the diamond should form uniform, symmetrical curves. The pear shape can be said to be a combination of a round and marquise shape of a diamond.

  1. The marquise cut diamond

This diamond can be said to have a football shape. It is modified and brilliantly cut. It is a more popular cut of diamond among today’s generation. It is long and narrow which usually creates the illusion of a larger size. This shape is also popular with individuals who like flashy jewelry because it is said to have one of the largest surface areas of the shapes. If you are trying to maximize on size, this is the perfect cut for you.

  1. The emerald cut diamond

The emerald cut diamond is the most unique of the bunch, it is unique in shape and look. They produce a sort of mirror effect due to its large open table shape and the steps cut of its pavilion. It has an interplay of dark and light planes. When one adorns an emerald cut diamond as a preferred diamond pendant design, it will reflect the color of your skin tone.

  1. The cushion cut diamond

The cushion cut diamond derives its name from the shape it resembles, it combines a square cut with rounded corners resembling a pillow shape. This shape of diamond was the most popular in past centuries. Its popularity was replaced by the round cut diamond in today’s society. This cut of diamond is preferred by people who want a more classic shape to their jewelry.   

Whatever your preference is in the type of diamond you like, it is important to look at several cuts and designs before you settle for the one you wish to purchase. The above are just a few of the more popular cuts available in the market today.



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