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Sarees Are Back with a Bang



You are sure to find at least one sari in every Indian lady’s wardrobe. Women are crazy about buying sarees and preserving them in their wardrobes. Indian women love sarees, but just sometime back sarees were losing their significance in urban India. More and more sophisticated Indian women were attracted by the smart, cool and comfortable western outfits.  Saris began to lose prominence and were no longer a staple among the modern young women.

Sarees were still the rage for the traditional and the older generation Indian women, but the younger generation was getting alienated. Sarees were taken out of the wardrobes only on special occasions such as weddings, festivals and family functions. Concerned with the trend towards the more convenient western outfits, our brigade of highly creative and innovative fashion designers came up with exotic designer sarees in diverse designs and fabrics. They were an instant hit with the young and the vivacious and sarees came back with a bang.

The Revival of the Popularity of Sarees

Experienced saree retailers feel that there never was such a craze for sarees among the hip and happening young crowd of Indian women. More and more young girls are opting for designer sarees and wearing them to outings and parties like never before. Designers are coming up with dhoti-sarees, lehenga saris, and sari-gowns that give a modern twist to the traditional saree. The latest range of designer ethnic wear is now easily available online. You can buy Anarkali suits, designer saris, lehengas, gowns etc. right from the comfort and privacy of your homes.

Fashion designers Narresh Kukreja and Shivan Bhatiya also, came up with the unique bikini sari that could be worn in the water or on the beach. The Delhi-based truly creative swimwear designers introduced the bikini sari in response to the requests by women for something that was right for the beach, yet modest. These new versions of the quintessential Indian saree are an instant hit with the current generation. It is because of the innovative fashion designers like Narresh Kukreja, who are forever open for evolution, that the Indian sari is now globally acclaimed and appreciated.

Reinvention Hence Renewed Interest in Saris

The Indian fashion scenario witnessed the splurge of international brands and designer wear along with the launch of some of the more affordable chains such as Forever 21 and Zara, who offered really chic western outfits that attracted and caught the fancy of the young Indian women immensely. However, the iconic sari reigned supreme only because of some of the highly talented fashion designers, who were open to evolution and reinvented the sari to make it more popular and functional among the hip and the happening Indian women.

Designers came up with innovative and slightly bold versions of saris in response to the shift in the mind-set of the modern Indian customer who were traveling abroad and getting exposed to the western world constantly. Designers thought of making the saree far more viable for the current generation than losing the fascinating attire from our roots.

The Mind-blowing Designer Sarees Ruling the Ramp and the Hearts

The exclusive designs and the versatility of the designer saris are amplifying the charm and grace of feminine Indian beauty. Today, designer sarees in chiffons, georgettes, nets and silks are a rage with the fashion-conscious Indian women. They would love to flaunt these saris at parties, and special events. Designers have applied their boundless creativity and imagination to totally transform the traditional saris and present the modern Indian woman with an immensely sophisticated and suave version of the sari that can match any designer western outfit.

Author Bio: Nitin Sethia is an upcoming fashion designer based in the USA. He is thrilled with the growing popularity of the reinvented sarees. He believes that the rage for designer wear is very much on and many women abroad are opting to buy designer saris, dhoti-saris, lehengas, fusion gowns etc. from reputed sites such as

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Saturday 4th of August 2018

NIce article.

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