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Top Ideas For A Lazy And Fun Christmas Day With Your Family

Are you looking for some fun and relaxing activities to do with your family on the holidays, such as Christmas? If so, then this article is perfect for you.

It contains various ideas that will allow everyone in your family to enjoy themselves with little effort while spending time together during the holiday season.

family in Pj's

Dance around in your pajamas

After the fun and festivities from Christmas eve, many would want to take a long sleep until the next day. It’s okay to be lazy on Christmas day.

As much as possible, resist the urge to wake everyone up and let them wake up as they please.

Once you have all woken up from your invigorating slumber, get all family members to keep their pajamas on.

Life’s too short not to spend every waking hour with those you love so why not enjoy as much as you can during Christmas Day with your family?

For example, everyone could dress up in their LazyOne pajamas or their favorite Christmas pajamas and then dance around to their favorite tunes.

Then, they may share some of those songs with each other to see what type of music everyone enjoys best which could make for a lovely afternoon indeed!

Watch a Christmas movie marathon

One of the lazy and fun things you can do with your family during the holidays is watching a Christmas movie marathon.

We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to movies so make the next few hours more enjoyable by coming up with a list of our favorites beforehand and sharing them with each other.

Let each member contribute a movie or two to make it more exciting.

Before watching the movies, make sure that there are plenty of snacks at hand in case anyone starts getting hungry or thirsty throughout the day.

A simple way to add to the atmosphere during movie night is by turning off all of the lights and only lighting some candles.

This allows everyone to focus on the TV, rather than any distractions caused by bright lights or anything else in their surroundings.

If there are kids in the family, you can focus on choosing movies that are rated G or PG because they are appropriate for younger children but are still enjoyable for adults.

Some good recommendations for holiday movies include “Elf” and “The Year Without A Santa Claus.” However, any film that you all enjoy is sure to be a good choice.

Open presents with your family in the morning

If you are the type who meets Christmas Day with your family by waking up early, opening presents, and eating breakfast together is an excellent family activity that creates lasting memories.

This makes it easier for everyone to prepare themselves mentally when they wake up because they already know what’s going on for the day.

However, you can always decide not to open any presents until later in the day if this isn’t something that interests you or your children.

Go sledding in the morning and snowball fights in the afternoon

A wonderful idea for an activity that is just perfect for winter days with your family is taking advantage of the snow outside to engage in some innocent fun with one another.

For example, you can all go out early in the day and see who can come up with the best-looking snowman before deciding on something else such as a festive snowball fight around lunchtime.

This type of variety ensures that everyone has fun throughout their entire day so they don’t feel like they’re wasting away too much time indoors.

Draw pictures together to give away as presents later in the day

Another simple yet festive activity that you could do with your family on Christmas Day is drawing pictures which you then get framed or laminated before giving away to friends or coworkers for them to enjoy throughout the rest of their lives! T

his will ensure that everyone still has plenty to celebrate even if they don’t get to spend as much time together on Christmas like they used to.

It’s nice to see all of your family members spending Christmas Day thinking of wonderful thoughts and ideas to draw.

The drawings don’t have to be art masterpieces; heartily drawn pictures are something that anyone will appreciate.

Christmas can be a day to be lazy and creative when it comes to spending time with your family. The activities mentioned here are worth trying out but there are also plenty of activities you can try with your family.

The important thing is not to take the fun out of the equation and enjoy the whole doing wonderful and memorable things together.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.