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Top Gym Machines That Are Effective For Burning Calories

It can be highly intimidating to step into the gym and see many rows of shiny gears, chains, and belts. The huge number of cardio machines can turn out to be dizzying. Regarding shrinking the waistline, boosting your fitness, and getting impressive results, the best exercise equipment is the ones that help you burn high amounts of calories. The following are the top exercise equipment that burns the most calories:

#1: Rowing Machine

Rowing machines have turned out to be gym-floor mainstays. They’re excellent equipment for not strengthening core, arms, and legs but also raising the heart rate. The best part is you achieve all these while sitting down. While that might be the case, it doesn’t mean that everything is a walk in the park. Your entire body always works at once meaning that energy expenditure is extremely high. Rowing machines challenge users to use water and wind resistance. Therefore, the more effort you’re able to put in, the harder it becomes meaning you end up burning more calories. For more information about rowing machines, please check out Start Rowing

#2: Stair Climber

Top Gym Machines That Are Effective For Burning Calories

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Often, stair climbers are also known as Stair Masters or Step Mills. It is getting more popular at the Fitness Centre these days. Using them is almost similar to climbing a countless number of stairs that never end. While it might not be that pleasant, you can rest assured that it’s highly effective. With a stair climber, users stand the whole time meaning it’s time efficient. It forces users to always move the entire time. Simply put, this machine is cardio on cardio. The beauty of it all is the fact that you strengthen the lower part of your body too. After some climbs, you’ll feel the effect on your hamstrings, butt, and quads.

#3: Maxi Climber

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With a single hour of exercising on a maxi climber, you can burn close to 500 calories. This is opposed to a single hour of running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike. The cardiovascular moves together with muscle toning of the legs, midsection, and arms go miles in helping your shed substantial amounts of calories. To learn more how to settle for the best maxi climber, read our Maxi Climber reviews on

#4: Treadmill

Just like with a stair climber, treadmills normally force users to keep moving through the entire workout. There are two ways to utilize treadmills for heart-pumping cardio. These are:

  • Walking when the incline is set high
  • High-intensity intervals

Treadmills stand out as one of the most effective and simplest ways of incorporating HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Since you’re ‘revving’ your heart rate numerous times during the session, the body tends to use more energy to get back to the resting state after you finish your workout hence ensuring you burn more calories in the whole process.

#5: Fan Bike

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A fan bike stands out as one of the most difficult or challenging equipment for burning calories. It also goes by the name Airdyne bike or Assault Air. This equipment is almost similar to stationary bikes but with a larger fan as the front wheel. It also features two handlebars, which are slightly higher compared to the seat. Dissimilar to stationary bikes, fan bikes require you to move both your legs and arms for purposes of peddling. Because you’re expending vast amounts of energy to ensure it’s done, you stand to burn more calories.

#6: The Elliptical

You burn roughly six hundred calories every hour on this equipment. The 600 calories burnt is on the machine that doesn’t have arm movement. With the equipment that has arm movement, you can burn approximately 700 – 900 calories. Using this equipment burns lesser amounts of calories compared to running since once you start moving the equipment, you can use momentum to keep you going.

In the end, you tend to expend less energy. To ensure you enjoy the best results on the equipment, you should utilize rails as fewer times as possible. Additionally, you also need to challenge yourself with resistance settings.

#7: Woodway Curve

Top Gym Machines That Are Effective For Burning Calories 1

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You’re the one that powers the Woodway Curve. Unlike the motorized treadmills, the equipment’s belt does not pull the feet along meaning that the faster you tend to go, the faster the equipment moves. The machine’s curved base makes users feel as though they’re running uphill the whole time thus forcing the lower-body muscles to work extremely harder with every step. The equipment needs a runner to expand 30% more energy compared to a conventional treadmill.

#8: Jacobs’ Ladder

Jacobs Ladder

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Climbing a ladder isn’t that bad. However, what if the ladder keeps going up and up? If that’s the case, the ascent suddenly turns out to be a monstrous workout. That is the main idea behind this ladder. The equipment is a self-paced machine which needs you to rise endlessly upward. Unlike the stair master, this equipment normally puts you on an impressive 40-degree angle. That engages the core muscles to take stress off the lower back. Ultimately, you’ll be able to burn a huge amount of calories.

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Burning your calories should be as challenging as many people think it. All you need to do is choose the best equipment to help you burn vast amounts of calories. The above are the top exercise equipment to help you burn calories. Choose your equipment wisely, and you’ll surely benefit immensely. There is no doubt about that. That is for sure.  If you're still figuring out the best place to choose the exercise bikes, Indoor Training Bikes may help you to prefer the best one from the vast array of selections.

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