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Tips To Make Kids’ Birthdays More Exciting

If there’s a day kids are excited about, it’s their birthday. They may not be aware of its significance in their parents’ lives, but it still holds a special place in their hearts.

And we know that parents understand this. That’s why they take on the task of arranging an incredible, unique and special birthday party.

However, this can be a bit of a hassle, especially for the busy working parents. So to help out, we’ve collected a list of tried-and-tested tips that make birthdays more wonderful!

1.   Custom Cakes:

What does a child look for the moment they enter a birthday hall? The cake of course!

Cakes are the highlight of the evening, so if you order a custom cake that coordinates with your exciting theme choice, it’d make the cutting ceremony 10 times better.

For custom cakes, we would prefer fondant designs as they are better-looking and more versatile. Round, layered cakes look much better in photos.

2.   Photo Booth:

This is a fun attraction at parties that would be loved by all kids (and adults alike!).

A photo booth with a clown, a cartoon mascot or a giant stuffed animal would be a perfect idea. Kids would love taking a bunch of snaps and posing with props and characters!

3.   Costume Party:

We’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love to dress up. So why not celebrate this interest by throwing a costume party!

Any kid would love to be a part of such a cute event, and your child would get all the compliments from their friends for having a cool birthday.

For costume themes, you can lean towards a specific color, a beloved superhero or cartoon, a prehistoric theme, an animal party or an alien dress party!

4.   Balloons!:

What can a kid love more than balloons!

At a birthday party, there can never be enough of these. You can have a large pit full of balloons and balls, bright rainbow balloons as welcome gifts and cartoon balloons for decor. You can also arrange helium balloons for a fun party trick!

5.   Candy Pinata:

Kids really love sweets, almost as much as breaking and bursting things. That’s why having a bunch of candies in a hanging pinata is like a 2-in-1 dose of fun!

A baseball bat, a cartoon pinata and a bunch of mixed fruit and chocolates need to be a part of every birthday! You can also try arranging similar games with a blindfold.

6.   Favorite Foods:

If you’ve been feeding your kid the healthy stuff and not allowing them any junk food, their birthday is the day the rules can bend around!

Party menu should be based around what the birthday boy likes/dislikes. The flavor of cake should also be of their preference. Snacks like mini-pizzas, rolls and juices are the way to go!

7.   Dance Floor:

You may think that only adults want a dance floor in their birthday, but kids are equally energetic and delighted to dance the party away!

Our idea would be to grab a DJ, whose role can be played by any relative, and play some of your kid’s go-to dance music. Then take a seat, grab a drink and watch their face full of joy in the center of the room!

8.   Birthday Plates and Cups:

One more thing you can do as an arrangement for a really unique birthday is order customized paper plates and cups.

If you don’t have so much time, don’t worry! You can simply go with a color similar to your theme. But if you’re aiming for a much more customized style, go for printed glasses and decorated plates.

9.   Cute Invitation Cards:

Our last tip would be to mail proper invitations. A simple text or call won’t cut it!





Physical invitations are generally more welcoming, and if customized, can pique the interest of all guests and their kids!

And if you’re worried about finding a printing source where you can purchase customized birthday invitation card, we’ve got you covered!

Basic Invite is a site where you can select, edit and customize from hundreds of templates. You can print your design and have it mailed to all addresses as well! The cards can range from surprise party invitations to first birthday cards!

Here’s a few key points that make them stand out:

●      Variety of Colors:

Basic Invite features around 180 gorgeous colors that go along with every theme! You can edit the shades, tones, colors and written text of every element on a card template.

●      Beautiful Envelopes:

Basic Invite wants your kids invitations to attract the eye before being opened! That’s why they offer envelopes with 40 styles and colors, which you can match with the card!

●      Types of Materials:

Basic Invite also carries many material choices for paper, such as Matte, Smooth, Shimmer etc. You can also opt for a Foil design, which is available as raised and flat foil. Wood Invitations are also a category.

●      Printed Samples:

Basic Invite belongs to the few websites that allow printing of samples, free of any charge! You can pick any material, shape, color and template, and make any desired changes!

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