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Tip ‘n Split® Helps You Figure Out (And See) The Tip Almost As Quickly And Easily As You Can Say “Banana Split”

Have you ever been to a restaurant and the lighting was so dim that you could barely see the bill? That’s actually happened to me quite a few times. And, when it has, I have ended up pulling out my phone to use the super bright light that comes with most cell phones so I could read the bill. This has been especially embarrassing when I’ve offered to pay the bill for someone (other than immediate family) because it seems to draw more attention to the bill and to the fact that I’m the one paying it.  So, when I saw the Tip ‘n Split®, I knew I had to try it.


What is the Tip ‘n Split®?  It’s a nifty, pocket-sized tool that comes with a discreet LED light, a magnifier, and a calculating device that helps you figure out the tip. It can also calculate how to split the bill if that is what you desire. You can even enter how many ways you want to split the bill.

Super Easy To Use!

The Tip ‘n Split® is super easy to figure out how to use. The screen tells you which step you’re on. So, if you need to enter the percentage of a tip you want to leave, the screen says “Tip%,” so you know when to enter such information. It’s very user-friendly. And, if you have poor vision as I do, you can also use the light and magnifier to help you read the menu. And, because the light is discreet, it is less likely to draw unwanted attention.

There are some helpful (and humorous) videos that show you how truly easy it is to use the Tip ‘n Split®. To see the videos, go here and here.

Get some early Christmas shopping done. This would make a great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for many, including those that are visually impaired! It’s an inexpensive and very functional gift that many people will appreciate and use.

The Tip ‘n Split® is available for purchase on the product’s website for $19.95 (price subject to change). If you purchase the product from the company’s website, you can use the code TNS20 to save 20%.  You can also purchase it on Amazon by going here. Amazon currently has their own coupon for 25%—just click the box next to the orange flag where it says “coupon” and it should be applied (just double check it is applied when checking out). I’m not sure how long either coupon will be available, so I’d take advantage of it now while it’s available.

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