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Things To Check Before Buying Surgical Face Masks Online

The whole world has turned topsy-turvy because of the COVID pandemic, and it is probably going to be a while before it returns to normalcy.

However, you can’t compromise on safety & mobility, and life has to go on, though with enough precautions.

Things To Check Before Buying Surgical Face Masks Online

History Replete with Similar Occurrences

People are reminded of the great plague that killed over 100,000 people, though that looks like nothing compared to the millions perishing every day because of the current pandemic.

Today, there is technology to support, and an effective vaccine is on the way; however, you need to take some necessary precautions to protect yourself until then.

Importance of Face Masks

Amid the pandemic scare, organizations, especially healthcare institutions, need to protect their staff and people through social distancing and masks. Buying them in bulk can be tricky, though.

So, here’s a complete guide to help you:

Opt for Disposable Face Masks

As the name implies, disposable face masks should be used only once; however, most people use them more than once, either because of non-availability or to save money.

While reusing once or twice may be fine, it is advisable to use a fresh mask each time.

Remember, N95 and P2 masks being sold online in millions are not useful in health settings.

However, under  current circumstances, using disposable masks is a very good option for people worldwide.

Choose the Ideal Design

Manufacturers offer several designs in disposable and reusable masks.

Here again, experts believe that a triple-layered design provides maximum protection while permitting enough air through.

Moreover, such triple-layered masks cover the nose, mouth, and chin, making a perfect and secure fit.

Check out the suppliers and pick the one that suits you best.

Surgical face masks offer complete protection, along with an adjustable nose clip and ear loops.

Things To Check Before Buying Surgical Face Masks Online

Sterilizing is Crucial

Microwaving is ruled out, despite some experts claiming that to be a very effective method.

Besides the fire hazard, microwaving does not kill germs completely.

It is best to wash reusable masks with mild detergent and dry it in the sun, eliminating most germs.

For busy workplace settings, though, buying disposable masks in bulk quantities makes more sense and brings more savings.

Use Your Masks Properly

As mentioned earlier, disposable masks shouldn’t be used more than a couple of times.

Avoid using the mask if it is damp or wet as it becomes ineffective and offers inadequate protection.

Generally speaking, it is advisable to discard disposable masks safely and use a fresh one.

It is also crucial to visit your doctor at the slightest signs of symptoms, which include fever, coughing, a sore throat, or shortness of breath at rest.

It is advisable to first use the coronavirus (COVID19) symptom checker before proceeding to consult your doctor.

Summing it Up

The COVID pandemic is here to stay for some more time.

Taking necessary precautions for safety & mobility in this new normal, is crucial to keep infection at bay.

Face masks are a vital part of this regimen, so be cautious when buying and using them.

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