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Therapy Swings for Kids With Special Needs

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Therapy Swings for Kids With Special Needs

Many years ago most people had no idea what they could be doing to help their autistic child. Thanks to the progression of medical science, we now know that there are a lot of things that we could be doing to make our autistic friends and family much more comfortable than before. One such method is by using a therapy swing. A therapy swing is different than an average swing you’d see at a park because it serves a purpose, and is usually made to fit a certain therapeutic need.

Many people have discovered the benefits of buying and using a therapy swing for their child, such as:

Physical Therapy

While it’s not quite physical therapy in terms that you’re usually thinking of.special needs swings are great for autistic members of our society who may need help building strength in a certain area of their body. These types of swing have been proven to help gain core strength and help establish and maintain balance where there may have been struggling before. These swings are built to be comfortable while also helping the user in the physical way that’s most needed.

A Safe Place

Children living with special needs often become overwhelmed and overstimulated. Because of this, a place where they can retreat to feel comfortable and safe is often necessary. This is especially true for autistic children who may have outbursts of anger or other emotions and need a safe place to calm down. This type of swing is made to make the person sitting in it feel safe and calm them down. They’re made of comfortable and durable material, and some go as far to sort of cocoon the child safely to help the child return to the normal manner for them in a shorter time.


Another thing many autistic people will do is to “stim” which is a short word for saying stimulate themselves. While they may become overstimulated by certain noises or situations, self-stimulation could calm and control ticks or anxiety that may otherwise be troublesome. A swing that helps with stimming is often a lifesaver for many families. This type of therapy swing will allow the child to play with the swing essentially, usually through different textures or features on the swing that allows for comfortable stimming, such as pulling or squeezing. Offering a safe place to stim helps reduce anxiety and aggression and will help keep the autistic child in your life much happier.

There are many wonderful uses for therapy swings, especially for kids with special needs. This type of swing helps the child not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. This is a major bonus for many families with an autistic child. Even the smallest things could make a huge difference in the life of a child with special needs and the multiple uses of one or many therapy swings definitely show that to be true. With a swing for every need, there’s little that these swings can’t help with, allowing your child to be happier and healthier.

Additional resources for special needs families:

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