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The Spooky Soiree – Putting on a Fun Murder Mystery Party

The Spooky Soiree - Putting on a Fun Murder Mystery PartySource:

In recent times, the beloved tales of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have come to life in the form of murder mystery parties. These fun, unique events allow for an interesting twist on the typical party and ensure that the night is one to remember. Throwing this type of party is hard work, and you will need some help along the way; so here are 4 tips that will jumpstart your party plans!


A difficulty at most parties is capturing the night. With smartphones kitted out with great quality cameras, the need for a professional photographer is becoming less and less dire. A fun alternative to a professional photographer is a photo booth. These booths not only allow the party goers to take their own photos but leaves them with a memento of the night. Photo booth hire in Sydney is a great place to start investigating and will add an extra degree of interest to an already fun-filled night.


Typically, a murder mystery party takes place in a particular era; this could be 1920’s England, modern day Russia, or even 18th century France. Whatever the case, decorate your space to reflect this era. The benefits of this are numerous. If the party space is decorated, costumes may be worn. This allows for the participants to fully immerse themselves in the mystery of the time, adding to the atmosphere of the party as a whole.

Decorating the space also prompts the participants to commit to the game, this is done by directing their attention toward the task at hand. There is no use in hiring a photo booth and organizing a murder mystery game if no one participates. So, show your commitment and your guests will follow en suite.


Decorating the space is a great way to create an atmosphere fitting the party, and music forms a big part of this. Do some light research, and find music that fits the time in which the murder takes place. It does not have to be entirely accurate, just enough to garnish the decorations. A DJ will not be needed for this, as Spotify or Apple Music can hold your playlist for you.

Have Fun.

This point is by far the most important: have fun! Parties take a lot of preparation and work, so be sure to get all the stress out during the preparation phase. If costumes don’t work, or if there are issues with the music, don’t let it ruin your night. Throwing a murder mystery party should be a fun event, not something that stresses you to your core. A great way to de-stress this process is by asking for help. Multiple people working on a party share the load, and will allow more enjoyment to be felt by the hosts.

So, there you have it: four great ways to help you put on a fun murder mystery party. Parties are hard work, so make sure to enjoy the process and have fun. Good luck!

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