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The Noodley has Colorful, Light-up Gloves!

Colorful, Light-up Gloves, and Bears and Hats oh my – The Noodley has it all

Looking for something bright and crazy to go along with the kids’ Halloween costumes?  The Noodley probably has what you need.  Their LED Light-up Gloves actually light up with bright colors and you can even change the light patterns.  Every child will love to play with the lights and make their gloves whatever color they decide!  Not only are the gloves soft and warm, but the on/off button is also on the palm for easy access.  The colors are independent of each other, meaning, each glove can have different colors lighting up, or the same.  There are gloves and hats for kids and teens, but that isn’t all.  Keep reading to find out everything The Noodley has to offer!

The Noodley has the most ingenious items on their website!  Obviously, they have the hats and gloves that light up. Another amazing thing that they offer is a 24-piece Light Up Jewelry Party Favors Pack (8 bags).   Don’t give the same old boring party favors, make them smile when they open their bag.

Does your child need a unique night light at bedtime?  The LED Light Up Multi-Color Teddy Bear will offer your little one comfort at bedtime.  Not only will it light up the room a little, but it’s also there to soothe with a hug in case they get scared.  Giving this as a holiday gift will bring nothing but happiness and smiles!

Light-up Gloves, and Bears and Hats oh my!

Helping With Autism

So, yes, it is fun for kids to play with and use the light-up products The Noodley offers, but there is another benefit!  Their light up products have been shown to actually help soothe children on the Autism spectrum.  Why would lighting help them?  Well, let me explain a little about what lighting does.

Children on the Autism spectrum are intensely affected by certain lighting.  Sensory overload is a common, frequent challenge.  However, lighting isn’t always controllable.  The repetitive LED light-up gloves can soothe an Autistic child.

The Noodley is so nice that they are giving our wonderful readers a 10% discount!  Just use the code TY10OFFR when you checkout.  Enjoy!

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Light-up Gloves, and Bears and Hats oh my!

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