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The Nine Principals of Ayurveda That are Found in Natural Anti-Aging Serum

Aging and not being able to do anything about it can be a woman’s worst nightmare. However, with modern advancement in medicine, this is no longer a major issue. The challenge now lies in finding genuine anti-aging products with no side effects.

People who have been using  natural anti-aging serum on a regular basis have experienced phenomenal results, with decreased wrinkles, a youthful look and well moisturized skin in a very short time.

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What you need to understand about the Ayurveda principals

  1. Vayasthapana (age defying): This is the ingredient that nourishes the skin and has an overall anti-aging effect. It literally means ‘arresting age’ or ‘maintain youthfulness’. Vayasthapana gives overall support to the skin by maintaining a balance of all the three doshas. Dosha is each of three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity. The three doshas namely are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Centellaasiatica also known as Gotu-Kola is by far vayasthapana herb with the most anti-aging effects; one of its benefits is to promote collagen formation.
  2. Varnya (Youthful Radiance): A group of herbs that are referred to as varnya are responsible for maintaining the radiance or the bright complexion of the skin. When the skin lacks a youthful glow or the qualities of Varnya, then in Ayurveda it’s not considered youthful. The most common varnya herbs include Indian mander, sandalwood, vetiver and so on.
  3. Sandhaniya (cell regeneration): This refers to prevention from normal wearing down. Sandhaniya herbs help combine discontinued tissue, and also helps in the healing and renewing functions of the skin, as well as repairing effects of aging. Sensitive plant and Sandhaniyaherbs also enhance healing and rejuvenation of the nerves.
  4. Vranaropana(Healing deeply): These herbs are responsible for restoring the skin to its previous state of health. Vranaropana herbs in Ayurveda including Centellaasiaticaand sensitive plant, are responsible for healing wounds.
  5. Tvachya(Enhancing and developing): Tvachya herbs will provide your skin with complete nourishment and support the skin’s moisture balance. The most wildly used herbs in this group include Gotu Kola, Costus, and Rose Petals. Whatever you feed your body is very important in ensuring skin nourishment. For skin nourishment, Grape fruit and natural sources of Vitamins A, C, and E work great.
  6. Shothahara (Anti-inflammatory): There are so many internal and external factors that may cause skin inflammation and breakouts. Skin inflammation is known as the biggest contributor to aging of the skin. An inflamed area becomes a micro scar that eventually becomes a blemish or wrinkle. By protecting the skin against allergens, chemicals and stress, Shothaharaherbs provide the anti-inflammatory effect, which is very important in all anti-aging formulations.
  7. Tvachagnivardhani (strengthening skin metabolism): these herbs enhances the skin luster by improving skin metabolism. As you age, the skin metabolism slows down and weakens. Application of Guta Kola enhances enzyme principles; it improves circulation early.


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Grace Black is an alternative medicine enthusiast, and through research provides information for readers. To learn more about natural anti-aging serumvisit her website.


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Mandy Bular

Thursday 7th of July 2016

Thanks you so much for writing the article.I am using anti-aging serum on a regular basis have experienced phenomenal result , with decreased wrinkles a youthful look and well moisturized skin.Also explain the Ayurveda principle in detail . So thanks for giving knowladge about Ayurveda.Keep sharing always!!Good luck!


Wednesday 6th of July 2016

Thanks for sharing Ayurveda principals with us.all of above principle are deeply explained depending upon its use .Till now I don't have any knowledge of ayurveda principles which is full of benefits.

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