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The Meanings Behind the Most Common Funeral Flowers

When a friend or loved one passes on, you want to be there for the family and show your sympathy in a special way. Whether you live close enough to attend the viewing and service or are too far but would still like to show you care, floral arrangements are the most appreciated ways to do just that.

However, don’t just send any flowers simply because they look nice but rather, choose sincere sympathy flowers from FTD  that have meaning and will send a true message of condolences. Following you will find the meanings behind some of the most common funeral flowers.

Lovely White Lilies

It is the opinion of most funeral directors and florists that lilies are the perfect flower for a funeral arrangement. Although lilies have different meanings from culture to culture, in terms of their use in a sympathy arrangement the message is universal.

Christians believe lilies stand for re-birth and a sense of peace and being home with the Lord. This is also why they are used in Easter arrangements. Other cultures view the lily as a sign in your belief that the deceased has moved on to a place of innocence, a place of peace where harm and despair can no longer touch them.

If you want to give a lily that is a special reminder of the ‘soul’s transcendence to a place of eternal peace – a rebirth,’ why not give a peace lily plant that will grow year round indoors?

Roses in Any Color

Roses are always a sign of love, especially in red but for funerals, white is often the color of choice. Red and white roses, when combined, speak of undying love. White is for eternal and red is for love. Close friends often choose yellow roses as that is the color of ‘bonding’ and although not extremely common, darker pink (not-quite-red) roses are a sign of thanksgiving for all your friend meant to you over the years.

Orchids and Orchid Plants

Another way to show undying love is by giving a floral arrangement with orchids or to send an exotic orchid plant that can be taken home by family as a constant reminder of that undying love. Orchids, in any culture, traditionally say “I will always love you.” White, again, is the most common color but pink orchids are also used in funeral arrangements. Some orchid plants such as the dendrobium orchid also mean ‘sympathy’ as well as eternal love.

Carnations, White and Pink

Carnations are usually used in forming a funeral wreath but sometimes may be used in standing sprays. Color is generally important so white and pink are the most common colors for carnations in a funeral arrangement. White stands for innocence and rebirth while pink is often used by Catholic Christians as there is an old belief that pink carnations grew from the tears of the Virgin Mary. Of course you can send any color that sends a special message such as yellow for that special bonding with a close friend or red for undying love. Carnations are one of the easiest flowers to dye so they really can be sent in any color imaginable. Some Irish funerals have green carnations as the traditional color of Eire.

Although these are the most common funeral flowers, you really could send just about any type of flower or plant that has special meaning between you and your friend or loved one. If you are reading this, perhaps someone you love has passed over. If so, sincere condolences to you and yours.

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Emily Stone

Tuesday 8th of November 2016

It's interesting to understand all the different meanings, sending sympathy flowers to those that are grieving is a symbolic and meaningful gesture.

Zequek Estrada

Monday 28th of March 2016

Kelly, this has been very interesting to read about the meanings behind flowers. I think I'm going to have to pay more attention to the types of flowers that come my way. I didn't know there could be different meaning behind each one.

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