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The isABelt – Holds Like A Flexible Belt

The isABelt – Holds Up Like A Belt, But No Belt Bulge!

Ok, ladies, do you have the problem I have with belts?  I wear them and they just bunch up and give me that ugly “belt bulge”.  Nobody wants that!  I have found a great solution to our problem.  The isABelt is a, well, belt that virtuously disappears!   You can wear it with those slim fitting clothes while not having to worry about seeing it at all.  It holds up perfectly while you forget it’s there.

No longer do you have to deal with bulky belt buckles or wrestling to get it back on after bathroom trips.  This stretchy, flexible belt has a magnetic clasp that closes it.  The magnet is very strong!  For those of you that are a little bigger, like I am, no need to worry about the isABelt fitting you.  I am a size 2XL and it fits me with no problem.  The one thing I noticed while wearing this is it doesn’t bunch up or move a lot while walking.  This is nice because let’s be honest, who wants to fidget with your belt all of the time?  Another wonderful thing is guys can wear these too.  I know it isn’t really geared toward them, but my son needed a belt really bad, and he took one of my isABelt’s and loved it.  I won’t be getting that one back!

The isABelt - Holds Like A Flexible Belt

The isABelt website has more than a couple of different belts to choose from.  They have wide, clear, black, thin, and some other variations I’m sure you will find helpful.  You can either wear the belts as a fashion accessory (where everyone can see) or concealed.  One thing everyone needs to know is that if you take this through an airport, it is TSA-friendly!  You won’t even need to remove it when going through security.

If you are looking for a special gift for the holidays, this would be great!  You won’t have to worry about wrapping either.  The isABelt is packaged perfectly and sent in a beautiful, see-through bag.  She won’t need any other belt after she uses this one.  Give the gift that keeps on giving.

For our wonderful readers (and isABelt newsletter seekers), simply enter your email (on their website) when the special box appears and you will receive an instant 15% discount on your order!

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The isABelt - Holds Like A Flexible Belt

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