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The Hidden History Of Valentine’s Day

Every February, the 14th, couples come together to share their love with each other.

A hugely popular day, but what does this day where love becomes the main focus mean?

Giving gifts, showering each with affection, and exploring romance form part of the excitement, but what does it mean?

Yet the true meaning of this special day isn’t as sweet as we might think!

The Hidden History Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day may be associated with romance, but the origin of the holiday isn’t romantic.

Our experts from hookupdaters have shared some historical facts with you.

The Legend of St. Valentine

Plenty of mystery surrounds Valentine’s day, and it’s based around Saint Valentine, a patron saint of a holiday.

While an array of stories touches on the true meaning, only one story stands out.

Valentine was a third-century priest who resided in the Italian capital of Rome.

However, Emperor Claudius II decided that men who were not attached to a woman were more committed as soldiers than those who had marital commitments and children.

As a result, marriage was no longer permitted for young men.

Following this, Valentine made a stance against the ruling, carrying out weddings in secrecy, hence why Valentine’s Day is always shrouded in the aura of pure romance with secret admirers showing affection for others.

Where Does the Word “Valentine Come From?

It is the classic Latin Roman name meaning “healthy” and “strong”.

Still, it gained popularity only after Saint Valentine’s acts, the word “valentine” on its own did not appear until later, where it was eventually linked with love.

So, as the 5th century came to an end, Pope Gelasius decided to make the 14th Feb St. Valentine’s Day.

Along with this, in both England and France, this date was considered the day when birds' mating would begin.

This resulted in the final link with romance, turning the day into a day where people shared their love.

So, St. Valentine’s day ultimately takes its name from Saint Valentine and his commitment to helping people connect with the one they love.

What is the Reason Behind Celebrating Valentine’s Day?

As mentioned, it wasn’t until the 5th century was nearing its end that St. Valentine’s Day was recognized.

The city of Rome was ruled by the Romans, while the Catholic Church attempted to remove paganism completely.

During February, every single year, a pagan ritual was arranged and was based around fertility, which resulted in the Pope bringing the festival to an end and turning 14th February into the day we all know now- St. Valentine’s Day.

Many different elements have helped determine the origins of the 14th of February.

However, Chaucer, a famous poet during the Middle Ages, created the link between the day and romance.

The Hidden History Of Valentine’s Day

From this point, expressing feelings and love became the norm, which traditionally took place secretly.

Eventually, the act passed through Europe, and further stories began to arise.

One main story related to a High Court of Love where female judges on 14th February would discuss problems around love.

What is the Meaning of Valentine’s Day?

Our modern world has commercialized St. Valentine’s Day. Despite this, the original message remains true.

This day that we’re familiar with is one whereby we purchase gifts for our loved ones.

Some might decide to send flowers or cards anonymously, but this act is one that’s slowly disappearing.

It’s a day that many countries around the world will celebrate.

Despite this, many celebrations will be governed by traditions and culture.

Some countries use the day to showcase their love for family and friends instead of the ones they love.

In certain regions, the focus is on giving children gifts such as lilies. Despite this, commonly, it’s linked with love.

Couples exchange gifts and cards, many book romantic meals or make time to enjoy each other.

The emphasis of the day is based around appreciating your partner.

Hence why symbols of love, such as flowers and hearts, are commonly seen throughout the day.

Typical Valentine’s Day Greetings

The day is now celebrated in many different ways.

For those keeping things simple, a card and gift of chocolates will suffice, but many people opt for expensive meals out, or they might book a stay at a lavish hotel.

The Hidden History Of Valentine’s Day

Ultimately, the aim is to spend quality time alone while avoiding the usual trappings of life.

Commonly, men decide to propose, giving them a day to remember every single year.

Ultimately, it revolves around love, with its origins seeming to stem from secret weddings arranged by the Patron Saint.

However, throughout the years, the day has become something more meaningful and something whereby couples take the opportunity to explore their feelings and desires.

It’s a day of bringing love and freedom together, making it one of the most exciting days on the calendar.

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