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The Changing Lifestyle of Men over the Years

With the passing of time, there have come changes to our lifestyle. The average man or woman today is a completely different person from the man of yester years. Priorities have changed our way of life and, most importantly, our perception of the world.

Today’s generation lives a broader lifestyle than the past generations. The internet age has brought with it exposure to different cultures and styles that would have otherwise remained unknown or undiscovered to previous generations. Below I will show you different areas of your life style that have evolved in the recent years.

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  1. Birth and growing up

Today’s generation, instead of being born at home with the aid of a midwife, are born in sophisticated, high-tech hospitals. These toddlers are then dressed up in the latest kid’s fashion while there was no fashion sense for children before. Children are brought up to embrace individuality rather than to blend in as it was done before. We find that even toddlers have an opinion about some of the attire their parents dress them in. Little girls will want to be dressed up as princesses while the little boys will want to dress like their favorite superhero. Here we see the foundation for individual fashion sense being set up at a very early age.

  1. The teenage years

The teenagers of today are more open to changes. They grow up faster and have already discovered their own unique sense of style and their preferred way of life. It is during this age that we find most males being more aware of how they dress to school, noting that this will greatly impact the way people respond to them. It was mainly the adults or parents decision to dress the teen the way they want to but nowadays, teens are more involved in picking out their clothes in accordance to their personality. The young teenage boys will start being more interested in being identified as men rather than boys and will start wearing cologne and investing in more sophisticated accessories such as watches, hats and shoes.

  1. Marriage

Marriage was a very important phase for every generation, the approach is however very different in today’s generation. Men are getting more and more involved in the planning of the wedding. In the past this was left to the women. These men, having had their fashion sense evolve throughout their teens, preteens and college life will find themselves investing in good quality designer suits, in designer mens wedding bands and in quality shoes and jewelry for the big day. They too want to dress to impress and to stand out in the wedding pictures.

Lifestyles have changed and improved for the better. You will find that people have embraced individuality and have cultivated their personalities in a very accepting environment. This is something that only previous generations dreamt about. Fashion sense and individuality go hand in hand therefore expressing yourself in the type of clothes and accessories you choose is very important.

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