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The Breezy Wrap Is A Baby Carrier For Active Parents

The Breezy Wrap Will Keep The Baby Safe And Comfortable

As parents, we all want a safe and healthy way to carry our babies, other than our arms.  It’s certainly nice to have our hands free for other important things.  There are so many baby carriers out there, so how do you know which one to choose?  Well, some of it is your preference, but you have to make sure you’re getting a quality item that is completely safe for the baby.  The Breezy Wrap is definitely one to look at!  I love the softness and how much it cuddles the little one.

The Breezy Wrap by Mars and Stars Baby comes in a nice little carrying pouch.  It also comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions.  I’m terrible with directions, so it was nice that these came with pictures and exact step-by-step instructions.  Unfolded, the wrap looks like a big piece of material.  However, the one thing you will notice is that it is vented with little holes.  This is perfect for giving the baby some much-needed ventilation!  Imagine how cozy and warm it would be to be inside one of those.  Can I have someone carry me, please?

The Breezy Wrap Is A Baby Carrier For Active Parents

So, for the parents that go out and still live their lives after having a baby, the Breezy Wrap is for you!  It’s perfect for hiking, picnics, walking, and whatever adventure you can think of.  The best part about it is that your baby will be safe against your bosom and you will have your hands free!  I guess I should also say that Dad can use it too, that way Mom isn’t the only one getting a good workout.  It’s also much better for your back and hips.

My daughter has gone through a number of baby carriers, but she really likes this one.  Again, it’s safe and she doesn’t have to worry about her daughter falling out or suffocation.  Now, obviously, all carriers can suffocate if you don’t make sure your babies face isn’t covered!  Please be aware of that.  Another nice thing about this wrap is my daughter is breastfeeding, so this makes that process easier.  The baby is right there!

If you’re looking for a last minute gift for anyone, the Breezy Wrap would be great!

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The Breezy Wrap Is A Baby Carrier For Active Parents

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