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The Best Gift Of Roses That Last A Year

Flowers are always a welcome present, it is one of the most popular choice for any occasion, from anniversaries, birthdays, Valentines and even when someone is sick or grieving.

Flowers instantly brighten any room, celebration, event and every person just love getting one.

It speaks of romance, well-wishes, care, love and sympathy.

However, flowers have a short life-span and it usually withers in three days, the more stunning the flowers are the more expensive they are too.

Among the most popular flowers, roses are probably on top of the list.

Roses have various colors, from white to the deepest of red, there are also yellow and pink hues that make roses such a popular choice.

Cut roses can be placed in water and last for up to seven days before it completely withers.

The Best Gift Of Roses That Last A Year

Now, what if there is a way for the roses that last a year?

It may sound impossible, but there really is a rose that can last for a year.

What better way to make that special someone happy with a box of saaya roses, or you can even give it to yourself as a form of self-love.

Do Roses That Last a Year Real?

Roses are delicate flowers that are mostly given on romantic occasions and often speaks of love, romance and devotion.

It is always in demand the whole year and will probably never go out of style, but it is also expensive and has a limited shelf-life.

The great news is that someone has found a way to make roses that last a year.

Real roses are grown and then only the most healthy and beautiful roses are harvested and then go through a preservation process that enables the roses to last for an entire year without much maintenance.

You do not need to water it; you can enjoy its scent until it lasts and get to see the roses everyday for a year and be reminded of that special occasion it was given.

Saaya roses are real roses and they are grown in rose farms in the most beautiful and scenic farms before it gets to the preservation process.

Thus, the roses are prone to breakage and decay if they are not properly stored and cared for.

The deepness of the color of the petals may also fade or become lighter as the days go by, but it still is a beauty to behold.

How Does The Roses Last a Year?

The secret to making the roses that last a year is a preservation process that involves drying and rehydration of the flowers.

In the past we used to preserve the roses we receive from our special someone by placing it in between the pages of a book and drying it.

The same principle applies but for these there is a special preservative that is absorbed by the roses just like its sap and which gives the appearance of freshly cut roses.

Saaya roses are Ecuadorian roses, hand picked and only the most radiant and exquisite ones are chosen.

The roses come in a specially designed box which is actually a must have for the roses to last for as long as it can.

It is not recommended to take the roses out of its boxes as it will damage the roses.

With the proper care, the roses can even last for up to three years and that will be n absolute tret for everyone.

What Arrangements Are Available for the Roses that Last a Year?

The Saaya roses can come in boxes of varying numbers and colors, you can choose from boxes of four to several dozens in a box or a clear box.

The Best Gift Of Roses That Last A Year

There is also a single rose in a box for those times when you do not have the budget for the larger arrangements.

The luxurious boxes come in round, heart and square shapes filled with two or more dozen of exquisite roses that last for a year.

It is without doubt one of the best presents to ever receive, one would feel like a princess if you are given a box of Saaya roses, especially the biggest box or the heart shaped one.

It is like looking at freshly cut roses all the time.

The ones in clear boxes are also kind of sweet and endearing, and can be a centerpiece in your living room to share with others.

There is also an option to get the hydrangeas instead of the roses, which are actually such dainty flowers and come in very light pinks and whites.

Whatever arrangement you choose, it will be greatly appreciated and imagine having the roses that last for a year speaks of the care that the giver has for the recipient of the gift.

Where to Order Roses That Last for A Year

 One can find Saaya roses in its online shop, where you can conveniently order the roses and have it delivered straight to the recipient or to you.

All you need to do is visit the online shop, choose from the available sizes and boxes and then check out and put in your delivery address.

With the pandemic and lockdowns, the shop cannot guarantee a delivery date but will work to make sure that it gets delivered on the specified date for special occasions.

These roses that last a year can be safely transported and will arrive in your doorstep looking and smelling just like it was just cut from a rose garden.

How To Care For Roses That Last For A Year

The Best Gift Of Roses That Last A Year

It is very easy to care for your roses that last for a year, the most important of which is to not remove it from the boxes.

The boxes are especially designed to help in preserving the roses and make sure that they last for 365 days or even longer if you really take good care of the roses.

It also has to be displayed in room temperature, keep it away from direct sunlight and too cold temperatures could also damage its petals.

To keep it from losing its color and integrity make sure to not water the roses at all.  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.